A progressive Democrat is challenging the racist, authoritarian Steve King for his Iowa Congressional seat

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Scholten’s platform includes backing a $15 minimum wage

That should get him over the finish line… But some folks will see that as anti-Murican & Socialist.


For everyone who doesn’t have deep ties to Iowa, I’d like to point out some clever signalling by J.D. His tshirt says “Native”, and it’s made by super popular Iowa brand Raygun. They make 3 versions as shirts, stickers, coasters, etc. - native, transplant (with an ear of corn, of course), and captive - and you see them EVERYWHERE. If you’re trying to be a man of the people in Iowa this is a smart, inside joke choice, and here’s hoping that he’s got enough more smart ideas to push out Steve King. (There is such a tiny percentage of the population that would be worse than King that really, I hope almost anyone manages to beat him.)


“Old Republican values” include taking steps to conceal your corruption. This new bunch thinks you brag about it, but mark my words, this won’t end well.


Long shot or not, I applaud Scholten. Senator King has long since established himself as a racist, a liar, and a poorly educated idiot. I feel as though publicly challenging a creature like that is one of the bravest, most honorable things a human being can do. Thank you, J.D.


I coulda used that “captive” tee while doing my time in Ames. :wink:

King is a stain on Iowa, and I do hope you’re able to remove him fro the House this fall.


In fact, they also have…


But he is also being challenged in the primary by a more moderate Republican, Cyndi Hanson, who has promised to campaign on “old Republican” values

Doctorow makes it sound like this a good thing. It’s not. Having an additional moderate Republican splits the “normal” vote and allows the crazies to push King through.

And King must be toppled. Only Louie Gohmert is more incompetent and ridiculous.


Since Cyndi Hanson is running in the republican primary and Scholten is running against the primary winner in the general election. that isn’t a real thing.

But if you really only care about unseating steve king (certainly a laudable goal), the most likely way to do that would to be to get someone like Hanson running in the general election as an independent with Scholten bowing out. But I am all for anyone opposing steve king in any way.

I do get frustrated when liberals fight with each other over purity and turn a “safe” seat into a trumpist victory. But steve king is a popular incumbent in a conservative district. He is nearly “live boy / dead girl” safe. So I applaud anyone who opposes him from any party.

Where does Scholten stand on ethanol??

If Scholten can replace That Fucking Guy, Steve King, it’ll be a good day. Hell, even if he forces the GOP to spend more resources to prop up King, that’s still a gain.

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