A quick and easy recipe for cheeseburger bites

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I found myself weirdly concerned when the spices were just dumped into a single pile in the middle of the frying pan.

Also deep-frying at home seems too dangerous. (morally)


That’s American style cooking right there. Instead of allowing the flavors to blend and mingle, you just dump a bunch of shit (usually preprocessed food) into a pan and burn all the flavor out of it.

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Last night for dinner we took a pile of thin sliced prepackaged ham, threw it into a frying pan, cooked the water out of it, added barbeque sauce, browned it up, and added a handful of prepackaged shredded cheddar cheese.

Served it on hamburger buns and all was good.


We use those won ton wrappers in the air fryer to make our own pizza rolls.

Gonna have to try hamburger.

We also use that croissant dough in a tube to roll up ham and cheese and cook that in the air fryer.

We love the air fryer


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