A residential contractor shares what's in his tool belt


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As per usual, nobody brought back the things they borrowed…


I’m a little confused by the hammer - isn’t a 16 oz hammer pretty standard size? Why does making it out of titanium change anything about fatigue, wouldn’t it still weigh the same?


The important bit, weight-wise, is the head surface. Weight elsewhere makes its flight slightly less stable. Also, titanium, so… cool! The former reason may be orders of magnitude less important than the latter.


Last time I looked into it a bit it seemed to be mostly marketing. The most typical claim was that a 16 oz titanium hammer would drive nails as well as a 22 oz steel hammer but with far less fatigue. For some reason I never saw a side by side comparison with equally weighted steel and titanium hammers.


Gadgety go to fuck yo’self shit.


Excellent post! I am a fan of Stabila® levels but I might check the AngLevel and Kreg Multi-mark out anyway. Definitely going to look at the chalkline, my Stanley is unsatisfactory.

I want something like a little wrench roll for the long-style cordless screwdriver bits that I need for my impact driver. The dewalt thingy listed here looks like it might work, but it comes with stuff I already have and doesn’t hold enough.


Ah, okay. Forgot some steel hammers were 22 oz, I mostly work with woodworking hammers which tend to be smaller and generally aren’t more than 16.

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