A robot that walks like an ostrich designed to “be the standard for legged autonomy”


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Hey, I worked on that game. (Which is almost embarrassing to say now, but it was 1998.)

(There was a CyberStrike 1 with similar vehicle design, and even more primitive graphics, dating from when there were approximately four 3D games that you could play on dial-up internet. But I can’t find screenshots now.)


what does it’s chair look like?


Probably one of these things


It needs a robot bee merkin!

Bravo to their team! Amazing work.

I’d love to see a merging of ideas with the following creative efforts from the folks at altlimbpro http://www.thealternativelimbproject.com/



But how does it do on stairs?


Is it sad that i know exactly where this is from, and i came here to see if anyone had made reference to it yet?

It’s the movie The Arrival with Charlie Sheen, for those that haven’t seen it. It’s terrible.


Cool design. I’m still not sold on the premise that there’s any real need to build a legged robot for scenarios like the one they described in the video though. A well-built treaded robot can go pretty much anywhere in a building that a human can.


That’s where it starts, and this is where it ends.


I don’t see how that fits into the plot, but OK. Thanks for letting me know what I was looking at.


except for the part with the bathtubs - memorable!


I, for one, welcome our new, avian, robotic overlords!


It’s a shitty movie about aliens pretending to be regular human beings… somehow… and… some other stuff i can’t recall. Domething about an invasion and giant satellite dishes. Anyway, their knees bend the other way.

Like i said, the movie is terrible. It’s been years and years since i’ve seen it so i have a very vague memory of it.


It’s better than you remember - you should watch it again!

No it isn’t, and you shouldn’t.


One more thing to stalk us while we hide in the ruins.


In an environment designed for humans, a human-like robot would probably work best.


“The legs are only the beginning. Eventually, Cassie will get arms and sensors to help it better interact with the world, including two PPCs and two banks for 20LRMs, for when dealing with Inner Sphere scum.”


Watched the trailer and remembering more details about it. Trailer doesn’t seem terrible, but i don’t think i’d want to re-watch it if i didn’t have to. Someone else should watch it and report back.


As a capstone exercise, I wish to see Cassie’s application for employment at the Ministry of Silly Walks.