A Round Up of Resistance to Trump



Looks like a good 'un:


Just dropping this here.

But the slang term isn’t new — and its use has evolved quite a bit.

In Missouri in the 1860s, a “snowflake” was a person who was against the abolition of slavery, according to Merriam-Webster.

Snowflakes during that time period valued white people over black people and wanted slavery to continue after the Civil War.

Same as it ever was.


Good. Maybe this will force teams to reduce their astronomical ticket prices.


Just came in my inbox 10 minutes ago



To anybody in the DC area:

The Senate Finance Committee meets today at 9AM to mark up the tax bill, which now ends health care for 13 million people.

The Hart Bldg
120 Constitution Ave. NE


For what it’s worth


It has been done before. Doesn’t mean a lot without a) Democratic majority, or b) Republicans finally getting fed up.

But having the Democrats have the bills ready to be voted on can’t hurt.


This is amazing.





You mean it’s AGAINST THE LAW for public officials to TELL LIES and MAKE SHIT UP in your country?

You people just don’t understand Freedom.™




“I feel we could come to an agreement regarding a modification to it”…

Making it bigger? Fixing the kerning? Evening out the type-sizing to make the lower text more easily legible at a distance?

Those kinds of modification?

Turning it into a bumper-sticker? I understand that’s the accepted place for automotive expressions of political sentiment in the US.



Yes, larger and clearer would be good.

I like the message, but he/she/they better be ready for a two-hour roadside equipment inspection. And that tinting better be legal.