A Round Up of Resistance to Trump



Emma Best, Julian Assange and Wikileaks … all one degree of separation from Scientology. smh.



Is foiaing unflattering gov records on Scientology one step removed from them?


me (critic of Scientology) -> Scientology -> {Emma Best, Julian Assange, Wikileaks}

So, I guess so.

People asked me why I spent so much time against Scientology. I used to say “Practice. Because the methods we develop against Scientology on the Internet will be useful when something truly dangerous comes along.” I should have taken myself more seriously.


Does that make you one step removed from Scientology?

It sounds like you’re suggesting that Best is in someway suspect - I don’t know of her (other than her recently having had problems with her passport possibly due to a changed gender marker on her records) - so I’m not getting how what seems to be her investigating Scientology’s dirt associates her with them.

Wouldn’t she be opposing them?


Yes, of course, if you’re tracing it that way. Degrees of separation doesn’t mean that they’re on your friend list.

Huh? I don’t see where that’s coming from. Hell no!

Opposing is a complex word, and it wouldn’t be up to me to say. Shining the light of truth on an organization that prefers to hide in darkness is good enough for me.


Then it’s probably useful to let her work speak for itself.


Anti-trump Koch Bro scheme? Or possibly a real solution? Koch Bro backing Sanders and or Ocasio-Cortez?

Inquiring minds want to know…


Best tweet ever!


Just a reminder:



opinions here:

The stuff about the scope of the injunction is interesting, especially given the Supreme Court’s newest members’ obiter dicta on the power of lower courts to grant nationwide injunctions.

It appears the administration tried to argue that point on this appeal.


Not sure exactly where to put this, but the coincidence is mildly unsettling…




If only if we could cut them loose.


Smart phones are a weapon against hate and intolerance.


Refusal to cooperate with the rise of fascism.


Has anyone got any other reports about this tweet about a cop firing a flashbang into someones head in Portland (warning: pictures of head injury)? If it’s real then that cop just attempted to murder a protestor, who only survived because they were wearing a helmet.

CW: very graphic. My comrade was shot in the back of the head by @ PortlandPolice today. He was hit with the very first flash bang the cops shot. Make no mistake this was an act of aggression and there will be hell to pay @ tedwheeler # defendpdx # AllOutPDX