A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


The way I see it, is that there are two ways you can find yourself in a barfight. One is by being the aggressive asshole who started it, or exacerbated the situation. That’s what most of the men bragging about being in them are talking about.

The other way you can end up in one is being caught in the middle. Maybe you were ignoring or trying to reason with an asshole who wouldn’t be reasoned with. Maybe you ended up in a bar full of assholes, and the fight is on all around you.

That last sentence is probably the perfect metaphor for not only the US, right now, but the world. Your pool cue doesn’t need to be literally made out of wood, but stop worrying about being polite, about defusing the situation, because it’s too late for that.

Maybe it’s because it’s Thanksgiving Weekend here, that I am thinking about this, because that’s the opposite metaphor, the one where we all try to play nice with Uncle Joe who keeps spouting the racist, sexist, --ist Fox News talking points, and everyone tries not to start a fight. Maybe if more of us stood up to him (not “debate”, but flat out opposed or denied him the right to all the air in the room), or even just his enablers (“sorry, Mom, but if Uncle Joe is going to be there, I’m not”), others might start to get the message. “Don’t talk about politics at the dinner table” was started by the same people who started the idea that you should never talk about money: those with power trying to squelch opposing voices.

And if it’s not safe for you to speak up, either physically or mentally, I understand, and I hope you can find somewhere that is safe, soon. Because if it’s not safe for you to speak up, it’s not safe period.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

This seems as good a place as any for this; apparently it’s a huge deal (for alt-right types, anyway).

I explained to my 9-year-old (a professed Swift fan) who Swift endorsed, and who she did not endorse (as well as who does endorse Blackburn). Her reaction: a tersely-delivered “good.”


Yes, and for others too. She has 112 million Instagram followers. And apparently they’re listening.


  • Vote.org, an organization dedicated to increasing voter registration, said it saw 65,000 people register in the 24 hours after Swift’s post alone.

  • In Tennessee, 2,144 people registered in the 36 hours after Swift’s post — more than double the number that registered in August, Vote.org said.



Wonder when the last day is to register to vote in your state? Here’s a list with links to learn more about voting in each state. -Vox

Alabama: October 22

Alaska: October 7

Arizona: October 9

Arkansas: October 9

California: October 22

Colorado: November 6 (Election Day)

Connecticut: November 6 (Election Day)

Delaware: October 13

Washington, DC: November 6 (Election Day)

Florida: October 9

Georgia: October 9

Hawaii: November 6 (Election Day)

Idaho: November 6 (Election Day)

Illinois: November 6 (Election Day)

Indiana: October 9

Iowa: November 6 (Election Day)

Kansas: October 16

Kentucky: October 9

Louisiana: October 9, online October 16

Maine: November 6 (Election Day)

Maryland: October 16

Massachusetts: October 17

Michigan: October 9

Minnesota: November 6 (Election Day)

Mississippi: October 9

Missouri: October 10

Montana: November 6 (Election Day)

Nebraska: October 26

Nevada: October 18

New Hampshire: November 6 (Election Day)

New Jersey: October 16

New Mexico: October 9

New York: October 12

North Carolina: October 12

North Dakota: None — just bring ID

Ohio: October 9

Oklahoma: October 12

Oregon: October 16

Pennsylvania: October 9

Rhode Island: October 7

South Carolina: October 17

South Dakota: October 22

Tennessee: October 9

Texas: October 9

Utah: November 6 (Election Day)

Vermont: November 6 (Election Day)

Virginia: October 15

Washington: October 29

West Virginia: October 16

Wisconsin: November 6 (Election Day)

Wyoming: November 6 (Election Day)

This is NOT the time to procrastinate. (You can do that later)


I’m not a fan by any means, but good on Tay-Tay.



I have a feeling that we are going to be seeing allot more of this new Pantone color:


Sorry, I had to…



Poor Ted. This is how news orgs should respond.


That’s the correct response to a-holes like Trump or Doug Ford, who use the right’s playbook of treating debates as options to be blown-off if they don’t feel like it.




Aww man, I miss Ally. I hope she’s okay, and still being funny.


Common sense firearms reform isn’t impossible; even in Pennsyltuckey.

More please!


Even if the entire congress flips, this won’t happen. The democratic party is a bunch of cowards.


(Also read on down for “When Harry Registered Sally”. Very cute thread.)