A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


The transgender proposal is the perfect excuse to yell at your representative and senators. Call their local office (lookup tool: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials) and let them know that this proposal is unnecessary, cruel, and government overreach.

Even if your MoC are already on board against it, you have to let them know it is a priority.




This is just literally Orwellian shit, couldn’t make it more perfect if you tried :cold_sweat:


Maybe he thought LGBT means “looks good, benefits Trump” or something.


Domestic abuser to the entire nation.


Gaslighting. It’s the specific form of abuse the nation is collectively suffering.


I’ve literally stopped listening whenever he comes on, to keep that poison out of my head. Why listen to someone who lies all the time? I’ll get it second hand, and be grateful for the newspeople who have to experience it unfiltered.

This means skipping the first 15 minutes of each hour of ATC/Morning Edition, which is a big pain, but so be it.


Preaching to the choir here, but still pretty cool. Paid for by all those campaign donations flowing in this cycle I presume. (Video.)



Same here, and I can’t escape a nagging feeling that this is (partly) the point, making people stop caring.


Some good news in these dark times.


It’s not working over this way.


“GIVE NAZIS A PLATFORM,” with two of these fliers containing pictures of a guillotine and the third containing a picture of a noose."






Bannon recently tried to get the PVV, Geert Wilders private political party, on board for his “movement” of European far right groups. It failed. If you can’t get Wilders on board your fascist train you know you fucked up.


There was post about that on BB, I do believe.


There was:

But Wilders hadn’t made up his mind at that time, I heard about it through the Dutch news a couple of days ago. Could link that but obviously it’s all in Dutch.


There’s always Google translate. Don’t let foreign language get in the way of dissing Bannon.