A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


For everybody who is feeling like yesterday was less than a victory, take note of Texas. Yes, Beto lost, but there were a whole bunch of dems winning house seats. I think we are beginning to see the blue-ing (or at least purple-ing) of Texas, which changes electoral thinking a whole fucking lot. If the right actually has to invest time and money to defend TX, things get a whole lot better for us.


Some good results, some bad; and it’s like that, sometimes.

We’re still gonna keep fighting like hell…


As someone said in another thread, we took this hill. Rest up, we march tomorrow.


There are “off-year” elections NEXT YEAR.

Sheriffs, judges, school boards, water district boards, city councils, etc.

These races are PRACTICE, folks.

This is where you and your friends and party-mates practice organizing, canvassing, phone-banking, and fund-raising.

It is practice that pays off, because these local races can be won or lost by a dozen votes. Get progressives into office in local races.

And DAMN . . . two states passed measure banning partisan gerrymandering last night.

There is time to get anti-gerrymandering measures on YOUR state’s ballot in time for 2019 elections. These would be POPULAR. They’d bring progressives to the polls.


Hi from Michigan! We also passed “automatic voter registration” last night. We’re two steps closer to making Republican electoral cheating a relic found only in the dustbin of history.




There will always be a caravan, or something like it. Plan for it.

12 mail bombs, 11 people killed by an antisemitic shooter, and he still fought that stupid caravan back to the front of the news at election time.


We are at war with eastasia, we have always been at war with eastasia.

I recall a Cory quote when he’s writing about digital rights, something to the effect of - this isn’t a fight you win but a fight you commit to.



Award for best twitter brick joke goes to:


Working on the gerrymandering issue here in VA. The off off year elections cannot be overemphasized in importance in the big picture… I have said elsewhere this where the right got it right! Take local governments, not because they are important, but because they set the rules for selecting the ones above them. Moving and closing polling places, setting civics curricula in schools. Yes, school boards are important. Maybe not now, but in a few years. Ask Texas. And the local elections are easier to jimmy, no news coverage to speak of, it takes actual effort to figure out what they stand for. But worth it.


This conversation:

We need more Harry Leslie Smiths and fewer reflexive
parrots who don’t actually know what they’re talking about.



Even monuments are resisting the far right.




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Seasonal change and Daylight Savings Time requires a new form of protest signs!


Ice Cube released this song in full yesterday


Let’s BLAST it Noriega style every chance we get. Operation Nifty Package DC Edition.




Wow, Wall Street Journal? Will they be the next to be accused of “disrespecting the President?”