A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


Hence very energetic drives here to get people registered.


This is apparently a real thing.

Note that you can buy FOUR of them and make a nice maximum-security jail for Donald.


Nonononono, no contaminating Legos (even in cheap knockoff form) with trumpian filth. This is a sacred ground of childhood, mine and my children’s. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!


Did you drop this?


This looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen.


No, Trump is safe on the outside of the walls with all his fascist supporters. It’s all the dangerous people who are inside the jail.

We had better not explain the issues of defining inside and outside on a sphere to them, just to be on the safe (in)side.


This is significant.


I really wish people would stop giving Flake press for the principled stands he promises to make. They never pan out.


It’s inconsequential either way, he’s gone in a couple of months, and even today they don’t need him to push anyone through.


Flake is full of shit. This is what he does.

Hot air has more weight than any statement he makes.


We need more RESIST in this thread, STAT.







Yes, Virginia, there is a Blue Wave.



Yeah…”early” has never stopped the occasional dumbass from trying that ice out any time in the past. Oh, Twin Cities, you really do breed some special snowflakes. :joy:



NPR interviewed his friend a while back, and he noted his so-called football record TWICE in the interview as proof of him being good a administering the justice department…