A Round Up of Resistance to Trump



The only senator more useless and less deserving of attention for their worthless “principled stands” than Jeff Flake has decided to weigh in.


Forced Run Off


This would be the first such statistically valid study for the purposes of government contracting that should meet the strict scrutiny legal standard for remedies.

The entire study bears review; but regarding LGBT owned businesses - The study indicates a disparity between availability for the types of work they were contracting and utilization.

Summary below. This provides legal support for utilizing a goal on DGS contracts in PA.



PA Department of General Services 2018 Disparity Study

LGBT-owned businesses.

The availability of LGBT- owned businesses for Commonwealth contracts and procurements. Overall, the availability of

LGBT-owned businesses for that work is 1.7 percent.

LGBT-owned businesses.

The participation of LGBT- owned businesses for Commonwealth contracts and procurements. Overall, the participation of

LGBT-owned businesses for that work was 0.04 percent.

Minority Business Enterprises ( MBEs ) 383 29%
Women Business Enterprises ( WBEs ) 684 51%
Minority Women Business Enterprises ( MWBEs ) 99 7%
Veteran and Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises ( VBEs/SDVBEs ) 155 12%
Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (DOBEs) 7 1%
LGBT Business Enterprises (LGBTBEs) 8 1%
Grand Total 1,336 100%
SDB Classification Value Percentage # of SDBs Percentage
Minority Business Enterprise $117,766,502 35.74% 118 24.18%
Woman Business Enterprise $154,984,984 47.03% 275 56.35%
Minority, Woman Business Enterprise $37,245,356 11.30% 41 8.40%
Veteran Business Enterprise $19,424,253 5.89% 51 10.45%
LGBT Business Enterprise $105,929 0.03% 3 0.61%
TOTAL $329,527,024 100.00% 488 100.00%

Study Results

· 2018 DGS Disparity Study

· 2018 PennDOT Disparity Study

· 2018 DISBO Annual Report


Bette Midler dropping some shade on Melania! (NSFW)

Go Bette!





This was absolutely the happiest-making headline of the day for me. That is one organization that should rapidly sink into a pit of irrelevancy.



Could it be that Texas will return from the abyss??


Future Resistance and the Stuff of Old Angry White Men’s Nightmares:

I welcome our future multicultural voters.


“When all you have known is privilege, equality looks like oppresion.”



I’m not down with that. I care much less about her modeling career and far more about the damage being done with her husband in the white house. Slut shaming doesn’t help.


Proud boys in Philly today

Gritty’s having none of that shit!


Gritty: Racist Scarecrow.


Gee golly, look at the huge crowds that turned out for a #HimToo rally in Portland.


Is it just me, or is Gritty becoming a resistance icon?


There must be at least dozens!

(Which is still dozens too many).


I don’t think it’s just you.