A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


They discovered that he actually is an NPC?


Shoplifter? Non paying customer.


Alex Jones is convinced that calling people Non Player Characters is the ultimate gaming insult that causes librulrul heads to pop. (Do you even FRPG bro?)


Ah - he’s pulling a Leona Helmsley.

The little people. Flyover country etc.


There’s a character test? I don’t remember one from when I got an Australian visa, then again it was in 2002.


Cue Nelson Muntz.



I’m sure there will be a gofundme campaign on Monday morning for this poor sap :roll_eyes:


If you’re not internationally notorious for LARPing as Racist Tyler Durden you’re probably OK


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Getting Progressives into the House is good, but getting them on the right committees gets shit done.

In the past, progressives have ceded these committees to New Dems and Blue Dogs, who have long understood their importance, both for setting the direction of policy and earning access to corporate donors. “Progressives come to Congress to change the world, and New Dems come to Congress to get on the Ways and Means Committee,” said Alex Lawson of Social Security Works, who has spent months on an inside-outside effort to increase progressive committee representation. (The Ways and Means Committee has jurisdiction over tax policy.)

David Dayen guest:


Once again, yes, your vote matters.



I love this woman.


Oh my Lord, this is gonna be fun. Just having someone on the left with the gumption to clap back at right wing assholery is so cool!!!


Just look at CNN’s “The Banana is a Lie” promo!

A tepid piece of resistance, but better than nothing. Would have been less subtle had they subbed in an orange instead of banana. I do wonder what kind of field day the Christanist-Trumpist right will have with CNN actively endorsing original sin tho…


I’m excited that Melissa Villaseñor get’s a good political parody character on SNL. She nails the impression!


Subpoena PAAARTAY!!!

“The subpoenas target 37 entities, including 13 Trump-linked entities and the federal agency that oversees the lease for Trump’s Washington hotel. Subpoenas were also being sent to the Department of Defense, General Services Administration, Department of Commerce, Department of Agriculture and the IRS, which have spent taxpayer dollars at the hotel or have information on Trump’s finances relevant to the case.”

“Other Trump entities that officials plan to subpoena include those related to his Washington hotel and its management. Eighteen entities such as restaurants and hotels that compete with the Trump hotel are also being subpoenaed.”


Someone did the tedious job of tying together Donald Trump’s companies in OpenCorporates:


Also, Trumps in general:



“The entire purpose of this investigation is to be a diversion of the real investigation, which is Mueller. There is no evidence of bias at the FBI and this other nonsense they are talking about,”