A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


That’s so fucking embarrassing. This should have been passed the very first time it came up. Full stop.


Jesus fucking christ. And the sad thing is, I think this can get worse.



Proud Boys have claimed there is a truce between them and SHARPs. This is the SHARP response.




Does anyone know if Trump’s wall would be made out of concrete?

By the way, it would be 20 pounds of sugar to one ton of concrete, although 2 pounds would make it take longer to set, causing delays every time it happened.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. I wouldn’t suggest that sabotaging the construction of a border wall is a good idea :wink:



Flippity Floppity



They need a reverse tread pattern of “FUCK THIS” for walking along the beach.


This isn’t about what’s-his-ass, but it is a good example of resisting the bigoted fuckery he’s enabled during his time in office.

Like I always say, “Don’t start none, wont be none.”

Man attacks McDonald's worker, gets a battery charge and a beating

“I couldn’t control you,”

And there it is. The truth behind all this bullshit.


Quite a few commentators at the Root caught pertinent bit that as well; that’s the problem right there, in a fucking nutshell.

Man attacks McDonald's worker, gets a battery charge and a beating


Effective for 2020?


She stays in it and makes him break off first.



Friday’s Dance Party!



How do I “like” him now, Jim? Just the same as before; NOT. AT. ALL.