A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


Speaking of water, at least she’ll get the surfer vote.



Came to post this if nobody else had. Great story.


Hopefully this is not too off-topic, it is connected to resisting the far right. Please move it if it is.

The Clapton Community FC shirts based on the Spanish Republic flag are back on sale. They’ve sold 1000 in 15 minutes, not bad for a 12th tier football team (there are professional teams in tiers 1-4 who don’t sell that many in a year).

I think these guys might be anti-fascist :wink:



unFuck Wilbur Ross.


Just to check I’ve understood the article:

this bit -

is a typo on AP’s part and should read “in a boost to opponents of counting immigrants”, right?


Reporter Bot malfunction?


My understanding is that progressives are concerned that if the citizenship question is in the census many non-citizen immigrants would not fill out and return the census questionary, undercounting the number of immigrants and so reducing funding allocations to areas in which immigrants live and giving more funding, and House members, to areas in which more citizens live. The ruling is a boost to those siding with immigrants.


Oh, I see. So on that basis ‘proponents of counting immigrants’ would refer to ‘people who want to make sure that immigrants are included in the census but not listed as immigrants’ rather than ‘people who want to count how many immigrants there are’.

That makes sense I suppose. :thinking:


For that to work, immigrants would have to have confidence that their census answers won’t be handed over to ICE.


NYPD can’t hide behind a Glomar non-response when FOIA-queried about their surveillance of protest groups.




Democrats and activists punish Trump with a new strategy: Ignoring him

“Hey, that’s actually a great idea! Wish someone had thought of that sooner,” said 2016 2015 2010.



Note the change of location.

Dress for the weather. Cold, rain and snow forecast for Saturday. Stay warm.



Sanity prevails. That was just reprehensible.




I’m getting the feeling there should be a dedicated AOC thread:


Bless this woman