A Round Up of Resistance to Trump




Yeah. It’s not the only issue (there’s also “How dare you try to run your country in a way that would mean you don’t have to listen to what we tell you to do?!”), but it’s a big one.


That is sooooo sweet!




SOUP-NAZI VOICE: No speech for you!








It’s legit:


That shit is ON. (Quoting The Wire.)


I thought that it would be to everybody’s taste in SF. What am I missing?


Bigots exist everywhere, but they are still outnumbered by contrary jerks whose motto in life seems to be “You can’t tell me what to do!”



Great news! Someone had flyers up around the office about that rally. I’m glad that they’re being chased off.

We’ll get OutKast up on Stone Mountain yet!


Awesome headgear amirite? :slight_smile:


Well, isn’t this interesting?


Pointless, counter productive even. She already beat a party stalwart, do they really think someone else will succeed there? All I see it doing is raising her profile even more. But hey, if they really want to do that, good luck I suppose.


Dusty laws could be an irritant to trumpicans allergic to rules.