A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


Yes, “delicious” is the right word for this.


Meanwhile, in the UK



If Charlie Kirk loses face on this, he’d be in trouble.


This is from one of the real accounts



Any mention of Trump and Tango makes me think of this.



Update: Business booms for Fells Point restaurant after owner allegedly receives death threat over anti-Trump poster »

Food looks great!


Resistance to abuse by CBP within its supposed 100-mile-wide border zone.



wow! as a republican administration, when you’ve lost the support of one of the koch brothers’ pet think tanks, you’re really having problems.


Koch’s are the architects of early 2000 more positive immigration policy. They seem to support the position that company should be able to house and use illegal immigration harvesting pork bungs, so long as there’s a catch and release to keep the company blameless as ICE sends a handful back every now and again. But make sure pay attention to the white/brown ratio of who becomes a citizen, because they still want to butter their own bread.


Me no can read WSJ, but here’s the link.


wall street journal article does have a free to view video summary.



Laundering from Day 01.



Do you think Manchin will suffer any permanent brain damage from AOC’s death stare?


Let the popcorn consumption begin. “We can’t stop you, but pleeeease? Pretty please?” Yeah, fuck off you asshats.


They will separate children from their parents, raise taxes on the poor, shit on the environment, espouse racism, divide the country with a culture war and more evil yet, cry like babies over trump’s tax returns.

The theater is nauseating.