A Round Up of Resistance to Trump




Long thread, but good.


The Guardian has uncovered a rather bizarre piece of information: Donald Trump owns a quarter-acre parcel of land in an inaccessible part of the Florida swamp which was sold to him in 2004 for $1 by the owner of an adult photo studio who had, herself, just purchased it a week prior for $3,300.

Trump has paid taxes and fees on it ever since. When The Guardian tried to reach the woman he’d bought it from, she not only didn’t respond, but immediately deleted her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

As the AV Club says, “Now, before we jump to the obvious Occam’s razor assumption of “that’s where the bodies are buried,” let’s review the facts: A woman who ran an adult lingerie photo studio gave Donald Trump a near-worthless plot of land for a dollar more than a decade ago, no one knows why, and when she was asked to comment, she deleted her social media profiles and went into radio silence.”


a mystery is afoot


The Washington Post noticed that Trump’s golfing clubs feature a framed Time Magazine cover from March 1, 2009, that features Trump and talks about how awesome Trump is. It’s fake. Ironic that he’d choose to hang a fake Time cover in his clubs that has a fake article on the cover about the dangers of global warming.


Yeah, young hookers under foot.


So you’re saying that something’s happening under the table?


Could it have something to do with Melania’s career as a model and her working without a permit in the US for a while, maybe? Perhaps the woman had “worse” pictures than the nudes?


For some reason, I find that kind of cute…


I definitely had the same thought. Possibly not a coincidence that Trump was managing a sketchy modeling agency at the time, and that he bought this land from a sketchy adult photo studio the same year he and Melania got engaged. It was also the same year he started working with the Russian mob, specifically, Felix Sater. So, pick your scandal, really.



Nothing as sweet as that. :heart:

I just like saying that phrase. Plus afoot, a foot, skeletons, Florida swamp, I should drink less coffee maybe?


Well, it doesn’t take much coffee to see that Trump is playing some pretty heavy footsie with somebody.

Good thing the Dems aren’t playing along.


Well played.


Maybe we need to drain that swamp?


Personal conspiracy theory. It wasn’t Russia, it was the comedians that hacked the election. For this administration is comedy gold like no other.


What, like all of them? Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, Alec Baldwin, Sarah Silverman, Melissa McCarthy, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Iliza Schlesinger, Jim Gaffigan, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Sam Bee, Ellen, etc, etc, all got together to hack the election?


Yes /s

That would be the most awesome secret meeting ever.


ETA: I mean we at some point did slip from real reality into Reality TV ™ reality. So maybe some writers in some dark hidden room are just pounding out the jokes. As an extra I’m not laughing.

ETA: poor spelling


Yeah… I’d go to it. :smiley: