A Round Up of Resistance to Trump




This needs to be here for ease of accessibility:


For those who want to get into the weeds and follow all the sausage making in DC here is a great vote and bill tracker from the good folks over at Propublica:


Ron Pearlman’s impression of 45’s moronic style of speaking is priceless…


I am relishing the fiery, squawking end of Donald Trump and his band of merry fools. McCain’s vote gave us a taste. Trump’s tweet storm of late: shrill, hyperbolic, and smacking of loser-itis. So yummy good to see him fume at such a big loss. May the losing continue so we may keep seeing what a giant dumbass he is and laugh him out of the oval office.


I love Ron Pearlman. And when can we get him and Tom Waits in the same movie?


That would be awesome if we could.

Meanwhile, in the TNY:

Backstabber in Chief




Of course it’s in East Atlanta village!




Outraged Confederate apologist: “What . . . what . . . WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS?”

Protestor: “A good start?”

Click through for the GIF.





I’s good to see more are pulling out:

Guilt free undies!


Saw this in another thread, but it deserves a repost here:


Sticker / Magnet worthy.


I haven’t been a fan of Mr. Fallon ever since he played clown footsie with Trump with such disregard to the obvious evil that sat next to him that night however, his monologue Monday night is starting to make up for his past ignorance. For me at least.


Seth Meyers was on fire as well:


There are pins available.