A Round Up of Resistance to Trump




Campaign rally? More like big ego-stroke.


Nazi group hug.



Cosplayers Rally Against Hate

"With Trump visiting next Tuesday, I want to help drown out the hate groups that will make an appearance by showing up to the rally in cosplay. If you also plan to show up by yourself or with a group in costume, thank you!

Protest peacefully; Empower people with positive imagery; Keep the energy up, nothing beats Captain American standing on your side against Nazis!"

How many are attending: Approx. 59 -Axios

Will Wonder Woman be there?


Thanks for bringing this thread back on topic.


Mitchell Baker (Mozilla Executive Chairwoman) resigned from the Commerce Department’s Digital Economy Board of Advisors.


Dear Secretary Ross,
I am resigning from my position as a member and co-chair of the Commerce Department’s Digital Economy Board of Advisors, effective immediately.
It is the responsibility of leaders to take action and lift up each and every American. Our leaders must unequivocally denounce bigotry, racism, sexism, hate, and violence.
The digital economy is fundamental to creating an economy that offers opportunity to all Americans. It has been an honor to serve as member and co-chair of this board and to work with the Commerce Department staff.
Mitchell Baker
Executive Chairwoman


That’s impressive. I know that billboard companies are usually very skittish about controversial stuff. (Or maybe Trump supporters aren’t as legal-scary as Scientology?)



Totality of Ignorance


Just some good old-fashion mockery.


In the past week, I’ve had 3 friends who lean right try to debate me on why liberals suck, and making all kinds of inaccurate assumptions about me. I’ve refused in all cases. One guy, whom I’ve known for over 20 years tried to insult me, and otherwise he and I have been friends and he would never say that kind of crap to me …until Trump came along. To hell with them. I refuse to engage with these raging assholes. I don’t care if they think we are “friends.” Friends don’t do that to friends. I think that’s a harsh, but good reality. We are finding out who our real friends are.


For lack of a better place I will just leave this here:

Comey will “engage the Howard community through a lecture series” during the 2017-2018 school year."

Might just wander over and have a listen!


Spoilers: The results on both sides are pretty much what you’re expecting (especially on the right)


This one was particularly egregious:

The daily caller just completely making things up as they go.


Questlove Tells Us How F*cked Up It Is To Not Care About The Environment



“She said she was right-wing, so I gave her a left hook,” one read.

The wording on these is quite something.


This is a useful Twitter, BTW: