A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘



Sounds like Junior is planning a new vacation. :rage:


They want their β€œwin”.




That β€œwin” might burn them.


Well, who could have predicted that would happen! Aren’t pipelines the safest way to transport oil, or so the pipeline builders say? /s


My father, who voted for trump, is pissed. Pissed about the removal of mortgage interest deduction and individual state and local deductions. I mean really pissed.

Thanksgiving dinner is going to be a joy this year. Can’t wait. /s


A highly entertaining thread:






I’m sure he has put careful thought and consideration into these nominees. Like all of his recent picks that were incompetent or unqualified. And almost all are white men. Because we need more of those in power.



As entertaining as the thought of Trump picking judges is, I suspect that he’s being fed lists with magician’s choices. Stacking federal judges is the one thing that his regime seems effective in doing, so it’s unlikely to be him driving it. Maybe it’s the GOP establishment, Heritage Foundation, Mercer, Judicial Watch … or maybe they all sit around a Legion of Doom conference table and work it all out.

That stink is going to take decades to clear. Hopefully the current justices last at least until the end of 2018.




If we have learned nothing else about Donald Trump, it is that he is primarily motivated by attempts to elevate himself and take revenge against people he considers to be his enemies. Even though she is simply private citizen Hillary Clinton now, he can’t let go. And while he’s at it, this action provides another opportunity for Trump to take a swipe and Barack Obama’s legacy…a twofer.




A thread on the police lockdown in Baltimore: