A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Police shootings of unarmed Black kids barely even get noticed anymore. They’re just routine events.

A story like this floats through my feeds every few days.


Speaking of which…


Oh well, that’s settled then.

Or not.


Step 1. Drain swamp
Step 2. Relocate henhouse to reclaimed swampland
Step 3. Fill henhouse with foxes
Step 4. Profit!


Trump probably asked him for advice.


The Walkingback Man


With Kushner bringing back advice from Saudi Arabia.


No collusion…


Can you imagine the outrage if Clinton won and her AG demanded an after-the-fact investigation of Trump?


Conservatives sure seen to love wasting money.


Murdoch is pulling the strings behind the proposed investigation.

It’s all about ratings. And wasting more time and money.


He keeps bragging about people disliking him. Who would ever see “46% of people support you” and brag about it?

Oh, I know. One that would choose the highest outlier of his terrible ratings:


Investigating Hillary Clinton is set to be America’s #1 industry by 2035. These people are job creators.


I swear I recall people always used to talk net approval ratings instead of gross positives. Maybe people thought the American public would be confused by negative numbers?


I normally only hear the gross positive, but I bet it’s try to put the biggest positive integer forward. So in that way, it’s to create more confusion with the public.


Bibles in Trump Hotel??

"The leadership of the Museum of the Bible has been working hard in the run-up to this weekend’s opening to emphasize the inclusive, academic, apolitical nature of the museum, which organizers say will be the world’s largest dedicated to the Bible and sits just off the Mall.

And so its opening black-tie gala Thursday night is presenting a challenge: The $50,000-a-table fundraising event is at the Trump hotel."

The National Cathedral is always open. Hell, pick a church in DC, any fucking church.

IMHO they have just invalidated their museum. The taint is strong.



I don’t know how that got in here.




Eight years. Non-violent drug charge. Never went to trial.


When people talk about the risks of legalizing drugs, I want to shake them and say, “Do you not get how bad things are now?!?”


predates Trump, but what the hell…

lots of stuff about the alt right and Soros.