A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


If only there was a place to deport 'muricans too.



Yes please!


Pedophile Enabler of the US of 'murica

I guess that takes the load off of the FBI chasing down child sex crimes because it’s a-ok with the pres.

I hate what this country has become.


After publicly suggesting that nearly 700 voters could face jail time for violating a new voting law in the state, Alabama’s secretary of state has announced that he won’t refer anyone to be prosecuted following further investigation from election officials.



The state shouldn’t even be involved in a private Republican Party event.


There’s so much to unpack in such a short article.

  • Moore denies it, therefore that’s good enough
  • They are incidents that happened decades ago, so they aren’t instant
  • It’s never come up before, so it must not be true
  • It’s a “special time for women” (I threw up in my mouth a bit upon reading this)
  • Anything’s better than a librul



I would make a comment but my eyes have rolled so far back into my head I can’t see to type.


A good long article:



Like most boys schools, the sixth form (i.e. the people for whom this ‘unsafe’ space is supposed to be) is co-ed.

And if you want to send the manifesto somewhere, why not the Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School instead? :slight_smile:


Then to throw in a quasi-racist statement about “poor man’s version of Don King”? The fuck?



What? What?!


And “pro-free enterprise” is code for?


Anti union, Pro corporate tax breaks, you know the usual neoliberal Chicago school economic nonsense.


You just can’t make this shit up.


He is a man, after all. Automatically means he’s right! /s