A round up of Trumpian events 🍊🍊🍊



Lost in all the NN madness.

Surprised that @doctorow isn’t all over this.

One journalist’s perspective:



Another piece in Newsweek, which all too,convincingly offers next to no hope (at least as I read it). Yikes.



I don’t know if Joy Villa is really pro-Trump. It’s just her current fame-grabbing shtick. Previously she was positioning as a Bernie supporter.


Some real β€œholy shit” moments here of blatant racism from the Orange Goblin (who will no doubt claim is β€œfake news”).




β€œFake news! The actual quote was, β€˜most [Hatians] have AIDS.’ We expect a full retraction and apology.”


And the other quotable was: β€œForty thousand had come from Nigeria, Mr. Trump added. Once they had seen the United States, they would never β€œgo back to their huts” in Africa” -NYT

Because all Nigerians live in huts right? /s And isn’t the point of coming to America to not have to return to living in squalor? Fuck his 2" in front of his parrot beak mouth view of World.


Pictured: Nigerians in their huts




For those who think that the 19th century is ancient history, consider this:

After the Haitian revolution, the French threatened to reinvade Haiti and reenslave the Haitians unless they were compensated for their lost β€œproperty”. Not being in a position to resist, the Haitians were forced to concede to this demand.

The Haitians were still paying off this β€œdebt” in 1947.


Ha! I was about to post the Wiki link.

Because France could block Haitian trade, and no other nation was going to contest that, Haiti, after beating two France expeditions, was forced to capitulate.

Haitians were forced to pay for their own freedom at exorbitant rates. i.e. debt slavery on their decedents.


Tempers flared and Mr. Kelly asked that the room be cleared of staff members. But even after the door to the Oval Office was closed, aides could still hear the president berating his most senior advisers.

I think I’ve seen this movie a few times.


The curruption train chugs along.


I’m going to go ahead and judge that book by its sinister looking cover. See also guilt by association.


Trump doesn’t realize the Senate is part of Congress.


Week 58 roundup


Why Eric Garland is having another Twitter meltdown today: