A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


That would be so great.


You know things are pretty bad when they have to go to Camp David to keep him from getting distracted with golf and Fox News



I assume he added that he had arranged to have the tapes released to the public in the event he suffered some kind of β€œaccident”.




oh for fuck’s sake




Steyer plans to hand-deliver 535 copies of β€œFire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” to each member of the House and Senate…


And while I’m here…

The tl;dr

Trump seems willing to strip them of jobs, security and homes unless Democrats buckle on a range of Republican immigration priorities, including an even longer-standing object of the president’s ardor: a beautiful border wall.


It’s so dangerous to show a sociopath that you care about something. But wha are you supposed to do, just not care?


Welcome to 2018. The year the president of the country with the most powerful military, economy and largest nuclear weapon stockpile had to reassure his own country and the rest of the world that he is not a complete idiot and raving maniac.


Yes, Trump and the GOPers at Camp David really did watch a screening of that movie about PT Barnum



Not directly a Trumpian event, but relevant:

Even as courts have invalidated Republican-drawn electoral districts targeting racial minorities, partisan gerrymandering and purging of voter rolls have emerged as tools to suppress voting, voting rights advocates said.


Is it just me or does folks like Trump and Stephen Miller seem to have alot in common with professional trolls like Jake & Logan Paul? I mean, for example…


I expect the phrase ”very stable genius” to be followed by no other verbiage except β€œI own a mansion and a yacht.”

(I’d make a possible exception for ”I am Napoleon.")


β€œI put on my robe and wizard hat”?


I hope this is just a ruse to get him into Broadmoor.


Yes… it’s the usual dude-bro behavior.


Golf is soooo hard.