A round up of Trumpian events 🍊🍊🍊




Careful Jake, you might wake up with a burning cross in your yard.

I’m assuming that Miller had Secret Service protection there. It must have been funny to see CNN rent-a-cops not only asking Miller to leave but his Secret Service crew as well.




He didn’t even get a majority, never mind consensus.


You were just being coy, teasing, playing. All those times you said hell no, you were really thinking yes. (According to consent as Trump understands it.)



this could be the single most consequential interview of our lifetimes.

I kinda doubt that. I think he’ll wiggle his way out of it, and if anything brings him down, it’ll be financial shenanigans. Though I suppose that might not end up being a separate sin from ties to Russia.



β€œTrump’s team is said to be considering sending written responses or an affidavit instead of Trump having a formal face-to-face sitdown with investigators.”

A face to face would provide a good opportunity for an FBI psych eval I suspect.



I’m trying to remember how long passed between Ken Starr’s stated intention to interview Clinton and the interview with a sitting President (β€œIt depends on what the meaning of the word is is”) (I actually bought the videotape – yeah, VHS – to see that one for myself) and why Clinton couldn’t wiggle out of it.

But yeah, given that this is not a rule of law presidency, I’m sure tRump will do everything possible not to be interviewed.


Thanks for the link. This was pretty interesting as well:


Diplomats with arms catalogs and a sales quota, what could go wrong?


Most US Embassies around the World have a Marine contingent for that purpose already. (In addition to their obvious mission of protecting the embassy and forward deployment around the globe. Read special forces and or rapid response teams.)

Defense contractors are running the show now.


Mark Thomas was talking about this happening in British embassies 20 years ago.


Pretty swank deployments for some! Others not so much.


Jesus wept.


And Trump shat. Yet again.



He doesn’t know all the words. lol


I worked with an ex RAF officer whose job was to do exactly that in Saudi Arabia.