A round up of Trumpian events 🍊🍊🍊


When the US pulls out of the World others will fill the gaps:

"Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived Havana on Monday for his first state visit to Cuba since taking office.

In Cuba, Xi will hold talks with Cuban leader Raul Castro to draw up a blueprint for the future development of China-Cuba relations at a strategic height and from a long-term perspective.

The two sides will also sign documents of cooperation covering economy, trade, agriculture, bio-technology, culture and education."


A future Cuban missile crisis in the making?


No oil rigs right next to Mar-a-Lago. Sad!



Most likely he’ll start the six month countdown clock for pulling out, and then find that there’s little support in Congress for that. After six months, he’ll hit it again like a snooze button.

He’s playing a zero-sum game hoping that investors will avoid Canada and Mexico and invest in the USA, but that tactic will screw up business planning in a major way and hurt everyone. If the chaos uncertainty is high, it’s possible that Canada and Mexico will start their countdown clocks, calling his bluff.


Will somebody think about the Popcorn?!


Mexico is the largest US corn buyer and if they go somewhere else for the stuff US corn growers are screwed. How’s that winning going 'murica?


Don’t worry, Trump has a plan for moving all that corn: Taco trucks on every corner!

ETA: Trump’s experience in β€œScrew you!” business deals is a major handicap in trade deals, where you bargain hard, but the deal benefits everyone. (His loose grasp of the trade numbers is just sauce on the cow patty.)


This should be every new conference.



So, β€œThe Big Lie” component of Fascism is not just one big one it’s multiples of 10?



β€œMnuchin thanked Walmart for their earlier announcement of starting wage increases, employee bonuses, and expanded benefits, citing GOP tax cuts. He did not mention that Walmart also announced it’s closing 63 of its Sam’s Club stores.” -Axios



Stay classy.


We need more people from Norway. You know, white people. /s



Hey kids, trump gets a prostate exam today.


You’re welcome. Carry on. :grin:



They kept saying β€œshithole” on NPR today, without bleeping out shit.


I saw in a clip that OTOH, Colbert got bleeped out while saying it.

Maybe the word is gradually moving toward acceptability in β€œfamily-friendly” U.S. media. Thanks Trump, I guess? :expressionless:



All the kids are saying it. Uggggh