A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Fuckin A!


Fun fun fun!


Meh. At this point it’s clear that his Teflon is even slippier than Reagan’s was. At least when it comes to racism and sexism. It sucks that the corporate media pay so little attention to the financial criminality that could really drag him down.


“one month before the 2016 presidential election.” -The Hill

WTF? I’m guessing she’s made a few pee pee tapes…


Oh, for the days when it was possible to demean the presidency just by loosening your tie in the Oval Office… :roll_eyes:



I’m guessing that it wasn’t enough of a payoff, given that we’re hearing about it now.

Also, it’s fucking creepy that she looks a lot like Ivanka… and every other woman he thought was “worthy of him:”


In retrospect, I’m rather surprised Melania isn’t ‘Barbie-doll blonde’ as well…



I still think “Stormy Daniels” sounds like a whiskey-based cocktail.

Though I guess it is served in a cocktail DRESS…


Many porn star stagenames sound like food or drinks… or other celebs.


While Trump is president, it’s always a good time to mix some ginger beer and JD.




I heard it on CNN, too. Some of the commentators were saying s-hole, but I kept thinking I heard asshole. :smiley:


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I’m super glad that Joe Biden’s generation finished the civil rights movement and racism is fixed now.



“The system worked”.

Yes, Joe. It worked for you.


There was this one too.

No wonder Melania didn’t want to hold his hand. He’s lucky she didn’t stab him in the groin.


TAIOGDP: Trump Attentional Impact on Gross Domestic Product

A measure of the extent to which our economic lives are diminished by the time we spend hearing about, reading about, thinking about, watching and responding to the never-ending antics of the 45th American President. Expressed as a negative number, reflecting its negative impact on GDP and on global welfare as a whole.

That’s life with a narcissist. They are never not the center of your attention, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.