A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡



Shitstorm narrowly averted?

Full Text: GOP Nunes memo released over FBI and Justice objections

Nicholas von Hoffman died yesterday, and the Nixon rat vs mouse debate is about to blow wide open, being that it’s so relevant to Trump these days.

It’s similar to the Berenstein Bears debate:

My demise was occasioned by Don Hewitt, the program’s storied executive producer, who told Kilpo and me he wanted us to dilate on the subject of Richard Nixon, then in his last days in the White House. It seemed to me that we had been embroidering on this theme incessantly for months and there was nothing left to say. Alas and alack, I found an unfortunately colorful way of making that point by going on the air and saying something like, “Mr. Nixon is the dead mouse on the kitchen floor, and the American family, in slippers and bathrobe, is gathered around him arguing over who will pick him up by his tail and drop him in the trash.” I said mouse, but millions thought they heard rat and raced for the phones.


A slip of the tongue, people hearing what they wanted to hear, or converging parallel universes? Short of digging up recordings, is there an answer?






Just because:



Week 64. This one is a doozy.


Possibly a good umpian event:


So a reverse of this?



Will they be resurrecting Lynyrd Skynyrd for the rebuttal?




“This is a nice celebration,” co-host Brian Kilmeade quipped sarcastically. “This should be a time for law enforcement to relax.”

Yup, a perfectly fine time for police officers to relax.


Well, because, you see, it all comes down to intent. Property violence while celebrating a football game is an All American Activity™ while property violence during a protest trying to change America for the better for all of its citizens is An UnAmerican Activity™


That hasn’t gone unnoticed in the media

I’ve been in a Philadelphia school board meeting where four people were arrested. There were no fires set, no cars toppled and no property destroyed, yet four non-violent education activists were dragged out in hand-cuffs and charged with disorderly conduct for speaking up for better wages for teachers and more resources for kids.

Meanwhile, thousands of crazed football fans utterly destroyed parts of the city Sunday night, and those same Philly police officers who were so tough in School Reform Commission meetings arrested only three people. Three.


Deadspin has a pretty good round up of all the “festivities” that would have gotten black people killed:


Damn it Trump. Stop making me want to side with the Tories, especially ones like Jeremy Hunt.





Remember how we used to get a dozen posters for every BLM protest who were Deeply Concerned about broken windows?

They’ve all gone quiet, haven’t they?


Yeah, nothing to see here… comrades


Ugh, this snowflake again


Doesn’t he realise to be able to freely criticize people who lead our country no matter what side of the aisle they’re on is AMERICAN? I hope to God his supporters realise they’re being bullshitted by this sociopath onto a fascist path. Maybe they do and truly don’t care. Who knows?