A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


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I’ll listen to the black-bloc anticapitalist Jesus.


This too is my favorite Jesus!


β€œHatred corrodes the vessel in which it is stored.”

There’s some funny shit in there like the neo Nazi trailer park fight and how one of the alties thought by selling out his compatriots, he can get the feds to go after Antifa.


Nothing is as funny as this:

An opposing alt-right movement accuses people like Anglin of β€œoptics-cucking,” a reference to a porn genre in which a man watches another man have sex with his wife. (The term was in vogue with the alt-right long before Parrott stood on a box outside a trailer to watch Heimbach have sex with Parrott’s wife, according to a police report in the incident.)


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Still, while the movement seems to be fracturing, it’s good to remember this bit, especially since our corporate media continue to ignore it.

Threats from the far-right are by no means over. The SPLC recently released a map documenting 954 hate groups in the U.S., a rise in 20 percent since 2014. In a January report, the Anti-Defamation League found that white supremacists had killed 18 people in 2017.


DiEM25 launched the Greek wing of their pan-European political party the other day, and were attacked by fascists.

On Monday, we took another major step in our struggle to take back European democracy: We launched MeRA25, our movement’s electoral wing in Greece, in a packed theatre in central Athens.

But as our magnificent launch came to a close, a group of twenty neo-Nazis violently attempted to attack our members as they came off the stage. Fortunately, our supporters and volunteers managed to control the situation, and nobody was harmed.


A very solid 9 minute watch


Ask Yemen about this.


Remember this guy?

It’s a brief interview; the visuals are not overly graphic.

More here:



Though I leave this here, since for some reason the German Feuilleton of a larger newspaper contained an article this week about the March For Life pointing out that many Harry Potter themed signs had been seen there, and this generation clearly was up to the task of defeating the Death Eaters.


The new hermit kingdom.

I wonder how long until they start doing this to outbound Americans as well?


Pretty good breakdown of the NRA’s funky membership numbers accounting (video autoplay warning)

Also another good article with some math in it too


There it is, the real wall that they’re building, and the one that the the anti-immigration/Mexican wall is just one of many distractions from.



Without a realistic plan to overcome the structural disadvantages of the gerrymander and voter suppression, the midterms are not going to produce the results that Democrats are hoping for. And there are bills being rushed through every GOP controlled legislature in order to intensify this factor.


Not to mention other forms of vote suppression.