A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡



Yeah, sure. Out of the main two people in that feud, she accused him of being the nazi


minor financial shenanigans? how dare you vote!?!
major financial shenanigans? go ahead and be president (emoluments clause? oh don’t be silly, we don’t stand on formality 'round here…)


Sinclair Broadcast Group is forcing their locally owned channels to run Nazi Germany-like accusations about other media orgs airing stories they don’t like with input from Gorka

Just remember this so you won’t be shocked to hear your local newscaster imply a couple of high schoolers are Nazis in the future.




Ultra-insidious assholery. :rage:


Though it does seem likely that the vast majority of local news tv viewers are elderly folks.

/Too lazy right now to do my own research on that


man they need to make a podcast version of last week tonight. Yes the visuals are priceless. but I could use this as a digestable news digest in my ears on the train.


Or, as he put it, “I was a walking, talking hunk of human poop.”


Sounds like some classic mode of projection got him in a stranglehold.


…and many of Trump’s supporters in appalachia coal country will justify this as a good thing…


Singing in harmony.


talk about soulless?..

One of the few things that give me any hope!


That could have interesting consequences…

…which is why they’ll probably write a police exemption into the law.


I guess she forgot that people can look up that sort of thing online



I read this and I was like HUH? The I realized what the date was…


I wish this was a joke:


No. 1 trump team leaker.



Literally sleeping with lobbyists.


Get’cha program! Can’t know the players without a program!