A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Cops and Klan work hand in hand.

The woman they hit was 61 years old, BTW.


Some numbers to go with that:

Even if we assume that the Trumpists aren’t going to just falsify vote counts (not a safe assumption), it is still going to require astronomical turnout just to scrape a bare majority in Congress.

  1. They aren’t going to get that turnout if they persist in running corrupt centre-right corporate Dems.

  2. All states matter, not just California and New York.

  3. Even if they scrape a majority, it is going to be very thin. Just a couple of Manchin-style quislings would return power to the fascists.

If you want any possibility of a democratic solution to Trump, the primaries are key. You need candidates who appeal to working class non voters, rather than the middle class soft fascists that the corporate Dems prefer to target.



Annnd 'murica takes the hit:

It won’t be the last.


Of course he did.


Our local guy/Trump fanboy from the start Rep. Chris Collins from the 27th predictably skipped out on a local forum like this (like he usually does with every event that isn’t packed full of conservatives)

And it’s not the first time he tried to stack the deck in his own favor when it comes to the gun debate

He’s trying to pretend the firearms issue isn’t a thing in his district even though a severely mentally ill woman blew out the brains of a woman sitting in her car in a Lowe’s parking lot with a gun she was easily able to bring back with her from Arizona (https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2017/08/29/woman-custody-connection-brockport-death/611799001/) and a toddler shot himself with his father’s handgun (http://buffalonews.com/2018/01/05/father-of-3-year-old-who-shot-himself-charged-with-endangering-child/) all within his congressional district.

But hey, he considers the pro-control folks the bad guys from wanting to have a conversation with him about guns in the first place :disappointed:


Ted Nugent has dug himself into a deeper hole with this alphabet soup he said on Facebook Live


Keep flapping those lips, Ted! (And further tarnishing the Republican brand with every mean, loony sentence you spew.)


“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

He’s making it very easy to prove to everybody that the NRA and it’s supporters are trying their hardest to dehumanize those students



“…if the rural economy turns sour, much of rural America will abandon Mr. Trump, and Fox may have no choice but to follow.”

“Then it’s just a matter of time before they will turn with the hope that a Trump impeachment and a Pence presidency will save the economy, the conservative gains that have been made under Trump, and the Republican Party. They’ll believe that they have no choice, and it will be swift and ruthless.”


Al Gore fills us in on the historical context: according to him, the automakers on reneging on their part of the deal for getting bailed out.



Trump screams about how Democrats have destroyed DACA (the law he, himself, ended) and whines about ‘no more deals’ (he rejected multiple bipartisan deals after pledging to sign them), then repeats some crap he heard on Fox and Friends about evil Mexicans.

There’s things I’d like to say about Mr Trump that would likely have the FBI at my door.


Pretty much in accord with what I’ve been thinking:


The story makes two debatable claims:

  • That there are people exclusively blaming Russian bots.
  • That all Russian bot stories can be traced back to the Hamilton 68 dashboard, even the ones predating that tool.


Hit the dodgier bits of centrist Twitter; they exist.

“The thing is, nearly every time you see a story blaming Russian bots for something…”

The general thrust of the argument also applies to the other bot-trackers, though. Hamilton68, questionable as it is, is still probably the least dodgy of the lot.

Yeah, there are people who try to manipulate public opinion with bots. There are also people who attempt to manipulate public opinion by producing media about bots.

But the bigger issue is the extent to which the Russian focus enables the denial of the factors that created the fascism problem in the first place. Those factors were American, not Russian.


“Not since the Harding administration has the presidency conducted itself in so venal a fashion.”


PFFFFFTTTT. Oh really? Let’s have a look back at the time Bill O’Reilly campaigned against Pepsi bringing on Ludacris as a spokesman on his tv show