A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Exactly. Every time I hear “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!”, I recall bigger problems that the wailer could be wailing about instead.


I haven’t killed Twitter at the router like Facebook, but I don’t spend much time there.

Anyone pushing the idea that Russian Bots (or anything else) was the exclusive cause of Trump winning is selling something. Heh. I can see why Comey might want to do that, and sweep his own part under the rug.


One of the panelists on Morning Joe had an excellent observation about this. Others were discussing what a disgrace that was to journalism. He said that Sinclair isn’t in the business of journalism, they are in the business of currying favour with the white house. That’s a profitable business these days.

It’ll say they have to turn over their own firearms, not firearms that belong to their employers.


Because razor wire, land mines, guard towers, machine gun nests, spot lights and German Shepard runs.

A wall of Cheeto luv’n 'muricans standing shoulder to shoulder would do the job. They want a wall so goddamned bad, be the fucking wall.


Right, call up the military, then take credit for turning back a caravan wave which is already over. Mission Accomplished!

The caravan that once numbered 1,150 or more people actually halted days ago in the town of Matias Romero in the southern state of Oaxaca, where participants slept out in the open. After days of walking along roadsides and train tracks, the organizers now plan to try to get buses to take participants to the final event, an immigrants’ rights conference in the central state of Puebla later this week.

Bogged down by logistical problems, large numbers of children and fears about people getting sick, the caravan was always meant to draw attention to the plight of migrants and was never equipped to make it all the way to the U.S. border.


EPA had attempted to allow television camera access to Fox News without informing the other four networks: CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. Fox alerted the networks and a pool was established allowing networks equal access to the event.




Instead of trying to ratchet down the rhetoric, they’re doubling down on it


They’ve already doubled-down so many times on that that they must be using a Backgammon doubling cube. (And maybe one of the ones that goes higher than 64.)


So let me get this straight.

People on the far right have been (lousily) photoshopping the Parkland students into Nazis but yet they get pissed off that people repost the completely unphotoshopped pics of Laura Ingraham accidentally giving the open palm down salute at the RNC and the photoshoot of Roseanne Barr dressed up like a Hitler homemaker?



I think that Roseanne photoshoot needs some context, though, and I really don’t see any comparison to the Griffin one (not that I think Griffin should have taken the flak she did, I just don’t see the parallel). Maybe I’m just too ready to be sympathetic towards older women*. But I see a Jewish woman doing a photoshoot for a satirical Jewish culture magazine and I read the joke as ridiculing Hitler, not as anti-semitic.

At the same time, I imagine the actual pain caused by Barr’s photoshoot is many orders of magnitude above the pain caused by Griffin’s. No one** was actually hurt by that photo of Griffin with Trump’s head, there was just faux outrage over it.

* Like when I expressed my sympathy for Angela Lansbury after her awful comments. I’m not certain this is a bias I’m going to work on.

** Maybe someone was, but if someone was I would guess it would be someone who was traumatized by witnessing an actual beheading in their lives, not someone who had the right-wing values offended.


A good read for those watching 401ks and other investments go snap-crackle-poof leading up to trump’s trade war:

Save your money.


Oh good lord the trade deficit thing.

I run a trade surplus with my employer and a trade deficit with the grocery store and I don’t doubt that given my current environment, both of those things benefit me.

(Caveat that I’d rather live in a system where neither was necessary, but you know, I don’t)


Don’t normally post two Salon articles together like this but they seemed to play off each other making their points across


I was thinking some more about this. While I don’t swallow classical econ BS that trade is always good, it does seem to be intuitive that generally when you pay for something it’s because you want that thing more than you want the money.

The thing is, Trump is famous for not paying people, not paying for things. Maybe he actually just doesn’t get it. He thinks that giving other people money is always bad, even if it’s in exchange for something you want.


I think his train of thought goes no further than: deficits are a loss, therefore if we have a trade deficit we are losers. Losers are bad, ergo we need a trade surplus.


The neckbeards are going to be complaining up a storm about this one


Caveman Lawyer comes to mind.


Oh cool! Sometimes Fox actually reports good news, who’d a thunk?


This conversation between Jay Z & David Letterman…