A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Knowing how weird the air is around the people Cohen represents, I expect what Cohen had to coverup for Hannity to be around this weird


In “things well-paid members of extremely not racist organizations say all the time” news…



That poor waiter is just like “why is this guy taking a selfie with me”.


What does Pruitt know about himself that makes him think he’d be in so much danger if we knew it too?


I think he might just be a colossal asshole.



It’s like he’s living out some sort of fantasy of being a Mexican drug cartel boss.

I highly doubt he’s under anywhere near as much danger as he seems to think he is. Of course we are the ones footing the bill here.


Fake News PSA of the Future

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Representatives from Tennessee decided to punish Memphis for taking down a statue of Confederate general & KKK founder Nathan Forrest by cutting $250k set aside for the city’s bicentennial celebration


Rubio vs Parkland students round 2 live right now


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH * coughcoughcough * lemme catch my breath… HAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh man, this is really going to piss off the GOP both inside & outside the state. Hell there’s quite a few parolees in some heavily red areas in this state that’s going to see an increase of votes for the left that could swing things.



Which raises a question: If he’s so hated that he can’t go on airplanes without random strangers verbally abusing him for his policies - given that the US is a democracy - shouldn’t he stripped of his security?

Good! And now for the people who are still in prison.

Though it’s worth noting that he doesn’t have the power to create a lasting policy change, but rather he’s taken a one time action affecting the people currently on parole to get around a legislature that won’t agree.



About one-fifth of the more than 100 Republican-held House districts targeted by Democrats are in the top 10 U.S. soybean-producing states, making the prospect of a trade war a point of contention in rural areas where Democrats have had difficulty gaining traction.

“Trump is asking farmers to endure an awful lot with this verbal trade escalation with China,” said Republican Craig Robinson, a former Republican party official in Iowa. If a trade war breaks out, he said, even farmers who backed Trump will vote for whichever party they think has their back.

“Soybeans!” is a heck of a battle-cry, but whatever works.


You have give the former head of the KGB some credit, he does his homework