A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Keep your eyes out for severely-underreported news of cops beating the crap out of Puerto Rican protestors over the next week.


Perrin Beatty, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and a former Mulroney cabinet minister at the time of the original Canada-U.S. free trade deal, expressed surprise at the sunset-clause tactic.

“That is not the basis on which mature adults negotiate,” Beatty said.

“For someone who prides himself as a negotiator, anybody who does business on the basis of, ‘One side can only win if the other side loses’ usually isn’t in business for very long.”


He can drop the American tariffs.

Currently Canada imports more American steel than it exports to America. That’s going to change.


It’s a little more interesting.

The targets are (at least alleged to be) very strategic.



In my opinion, because in any normal or typical political environment – with anyone who’s ever been in power before – any evidence at all that they’re collaborating with a foreign power would be more than enough to get rid of them.

Uncovering solid, incontrovertible evidence of collusion and a foreign government actively interfering in an election? Instant impeachment. Usually.

They’ve learned, the hard way, that there’s nothing normal about Trump or his base.


They’ve known for a while, then. I accidentally used the wrong Pelosi link upthread; it was from last year. This is a recent one.



Didn’t he say something to that effect in PR? He didn’t care about them either.


Yep, did something to that effect too.

Hey, just having a little fun!

San Juan Mayor Slams Trump for Throwing Paper Towels to Hurricane Survivors, Calling It ‘Terrible and Abominable’



Tunnel building and death a trumpian event? Perhaps. Fear causes people to do strange things.


So one parent said he has genuine sympathy for them and another said it was like talking to a toddler. I’m pretty sure I believe both of those people.


Oooooh, he trying to be provocative~


I mean come on now. This is no longer a Trump constantly lying issue, but it’s very much an issue about his team and supporters constantly defending him for doing this, his supporters ignoring/having a shitty memory about him doing this sort of thing all the time and the both of them attacking the media for literally playing back video/audio of him contradicting himself.

Do they realize everyone else looks at him and sees a naked emperor?


Oh, are you body-shaming, now? /s¹

¹I could totally see some RWer pulling this response. Sarcasm tag definitely needed.


At least I didn’t compliment his use of smokey eye :smirk:


This is actually the only scenario I see for Spanky’s tenure - and I’m talking two terms here - to end prematurely. When he turns out to be (too) bad for business for his backers.


Speaking of letters: in January, Trump’s lawyers sent a letter to Mueller arguing the pres can’t possibly commit obstruction of justice, because reasons, and also the pres shouldn’t be subpoenaed.