A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch was a “goth kid.” We know this because Loesch revealed this highly personal information in a heated Saturday night Twitter exchange that erupted after Russia-critic Louise Mensch accused the NRA spokesperson of representing an organization that laundered money from Russia.


tl;dr Trump has accomplished little in the way of things that benefit the American people, but has sure done a lot to destroy Obama’s legacy and prop himself up as King of the Republicans.


Santorum somehow found a way to blame Obama for birtherism way before Trump used it


The donor class, well, that’s different.

Somebody get a rope.


Strategic as in swing states.

ETA: Trump probably judged Justin as a soft leftie, but like his father, once you push him past a certain point, he transforms into a hard case aristo, with his “Just watch me!” moments. Hopefully Justin can avoid Pierre’s insufferable arrogance.



That’s the thing: if you are dealing with someone who seems nice, polite, and accomodating, be very, very careful how hard you push them. Because when they stop being accommodating.

The other strategy, is that while Trump targeted commodities his industries want and need, the Trudeau tarrifs, while ridiculous, won’t cost him any votes. Costs extra to get maple syrup from Vermont? Quebec et. al. want to hug you. Bourbon whiskey? Canadian whiskey makers and rye farmers say “thanks”. The US needs our aluminium and steel to meet their demands and specs. The stuff Trudeau is targeting are all commodities where Canadian manufacturers can easily step up.

Trump’s biggest mistake is that he thinks nice = stupid. Justin Trudeau wouldn’t be where he is, if he was stupid. Up to this point, Trudeau has been treating Trump like a teacher treats an unruly child. Trump just got detention for the whole class. We’ll see now, if the other kids get mad because it’s his fault.


That’s a great way to put it. We’re all paying the price for Trump’s bad behavior.


Is anyone here still waiting for the “moderate” Republicans to turn on Trump?


There’s no such thing any more.


More slight of hand and reality distortion tactics to transfer wealth to the wealthy via the Farm Bill and it’s connection to SNAP.

“(Rotting Orange Rind) just announced new tariffs on steel and aluminum. But Unfortunately, this effort to make America great again simply transfers wealth from the general population to a few (already wealthy) companies, and harms companies and especially their employees in other countries”.

“Subsidies are much like tariffs in that they transfer wealth away from the general population to a small number of usually wealthy people while harming still others, including some of those whom the subsidies are intended to help. Agricultural subsidies are a prime example.”

(In fairness, this would happen without l’orange troll. However, The situation is exasperated by his tariffs and a bullshit wealth shifting tax bill.)


More corrupt fuckery from Scott Pruitt.




Following a request by AP, EPA provided a copy of an April 20 memo Cook signed recusing himself from participating in regulatory matters involving LyondellBasell. However, as stated in the letter, Cook can participate in matters affecting his former employer as long as his actions would also impact at least five similarly situated companies.

So that’s okay then, nothing to see here…



JHC “numerous legal scholars”? Like talking heads on FoxNews??



While Fox News dominated the ratings in May—a fact Trump bragged about on Saturday—the network is having new difficulties monetizing its most pro-Trump programming. According to three sources briefed on the numbers, advertising revenues for Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are down in recent months. “The pro-Trump thing isn’t working. We can’t monetize DACA and the wall and that right-wing shit,” one staffer said. “Despite all the hype on Hannity, they can’t sell it,” another insider told me.




One-man lynch mob, hunting probably imaginary looters.


Millions of dollars wasted on the man baby.


Soon to be singular. K-Bro.


“David Koch is leaving his roles as executive vice president and board member for Koch Industries and chairman of the board for the Americans For Prosperity Foundation, the charity related to Koch brothers’ primary political organization.”