A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡




Here’s more video of the guy. He’s apparently got a long history of being a menace.

ETA: Facing new federal charges. He could spend the rest of his life in jail.


Of course they do.


I wouldn’t count on it. Putin lies just a fluently as Trump. Though I think he lies for reasons instead of just because that’s what pours forth from him like an overflowing cup.

Anyway, I’m more interested in why Putin wants me to think that right now than I am in whether it’s true.


Just when you thought Scott Pruitt couldn’t give any more, he digs deep and delivers.


“Raises the specter of”? Jesus Christ. Enlisting your EPA aide to help someone find a job is misuse of your public office. Helping your spouse find a job is private gain. Scott Pruitt did this.

No necromancy is needed to form the sentence “Scott Pruitt misused their public office for private gain.”




God damnit, Kanye.



LOL that selfie! … Oh, it’s coming soon. You watch.


New thread needed, “Scott Pruitt, Necromancer”.


Pruitt’s laundry list of scandals:

He reportedly ordered raises for two aides, despite the White House rejecting his request. He later said he was unaware of the raises.

He spent $3 million of taxpayer funds on an extensive security detail, which was three times bigger than his predecessor’s.

Biometric locks were installed on his office doors for $5,700, Politico reports.
He came under fire for renting a bedroom near Capitol Hill from a lobbyist for $50 a night. He told the Washington Examiner: “I’m dumbfounded that that’s controversial.”

The agency installed a $43,000 private phone booth in his office.

He has spent over $105,000 on first-class flights, per Politico, citing “threats to his safety.”

He had a tendency to want to use flashing lights and sirens on his motorcade to cut through D.C. traffic — including at least one trip to a popular French restaurant, Le Diplomate.

A former Comcast lobbyist helped the agency set up a trip to Morocco in December, which cost $100,000, despite original claims that it would cost $40,000.

Pruitt accepted seats at a University of Kentucky basketball game for him and his son from a billionaire coal executive.

His staff spent over $1,500 on fountain pens, CNN reported, and more than $1,600 on journals.

His director of scheduling and advance says Pruitt asked her to perform personal tasks, which included a request for a Trump hotel mattress.

His limo should have a “Mafia Life” sticker on the back window.


He’s just so patriotic that he had to make up some new lyrics on the spot to show how patriotic he is.

I’d like to propose this as the new national anthem while we’re at it:


I’ve always respected for Kanye. No matter how crazy and egotistical he got, I always remembered him as the guy who said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on live TV.

But now I sort of wonder if this isn’t a bit like a favourite quote of mine from Thomas Massie:

After some soul searching I realized when they voted for Rand and Ron and me in these primaries, they weren’t voting for libertarian ideas — they were voting for the craziest son of a bitch in the race.

Maybe Kanye has just always been the craziest son-of-a-bitch in the room.

Honestly, I’m surprised that people would expect him to know the lyrics. Isn’t it a bit obscure?



There’s a current theory floating around that his current pro-Trump, “slavery was a choice” outbursts are elements of some sort of complex Kaufman-esque performance art.

If it is, I really hope he breaks character sooner rather than later because what he’s doing has the potential for real and lasting damage (and I have to wonder that if it is some sort of performance art, what’s the point?).


Even by Trump’s standards, Pruitt is astonishingly corrupt. And smug. If the two of them were put head to head for a smug-off, I’m not sure who’d win.


Don’t believe the hype; Black folks are done fucking with Kanye for good after that “slavery was a choice” bullshit.

To quote Janelle Monae:

He’s disinvited to The Cookout.


Ghetto Pass has been revoked?


(As Ice Cube’s True to the Game just came up in my iTunes… seems very appropriate in the context of this conversation.)