A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Don’t believe the hype; Black folks are done fucking with Kanye for good after that “slavery was a choice” bullshit.

To quote Janelle Monae:

He’s disinvited to The Cookout.


Ghetto Pass has been revoked?


(As Ice Cube’s True to the Game just came up in my iTunes… seems very appropriate in the context of this conversation.)


Not Kaufman**-esque**. Kaufman’s “death” in 1984 was right in the middle of Trump’s rise to prominence as a household name. That is, it was when Kaufman could not longer play the role as a part-time role only.

If anyone in the world is actually Andy Kaufman, it’s definitely Trump.


Nah, that’s what cool/down/woke non-Black folks get when they come to ‘the hood’ or hang out with Black folks on the regularly.

West is from the hood, but as Zora Neale Hurston famously said, all my skinfolk ain’t kinfolk; he’s now on ‘the list’ with Omarosa, Dave Clark and Stacey Dash’s vapid ass.

Self-hating Black folks who tear us all down for their own benefit get this reaction from the Black Community:


Roger that!

ETA: I’d never heard that phrase before, but I immediately understood its meaning. I quite like that one.


i gave kanye a lot of credit for saying the truth about bush and the republicans on live tv but he’s almost starting to turn into uncle ruckus . . . well maybe not quite that bad, but still . . .


I dont; he only did it for the notoriety and free publicity, not because it happened to be true.

Oh, once you start spreading revisionist history about “voluntary slavery” and kissing 45’s slimy ass, you’re just as bad as that in my book, if not worse.


Looks more like Alex Jones-esque “performance art” from over here.




et tu Mexico?

“Analysts say the tariffs are designed to hit US Republican strongholds ahead of mid-term elections in November.”


Right now because Drumpf has become a liability.



Again and again and again.



Could have been me. Could eventually be you.


Somebody is taking the APC out for joyride… Looks like an old M113 with headroom added.

Jezus popo, just get a panel van and armor that up if you need something heavy.

ETA and they don’t need something that heavy.


It’s very appropriately timed…


M577, apparently. Which, yeah, is basically an M113 with extra headroom.



Well, you’ve got to have good stationery…