A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘




America, you are a fount of innovation.

I propose training the students to use their backpacks in the testudo formation and supplying each classroom with pikes.

Of course, most schools will have to change their current β€œno backpacks” policy for that proposal to be effective:

But we love deregulation these days, don’t we? Fewer rules mean safer students! The shooters will learn to never bring a gun to a pike and bulletproof backpack fight.


Is Joey Gibson the actual Joey of being pissed off fame?

Also, was the look on his face priceless?


I think pikes might be a bit much for 8th graders to manage in good order, especially with backpack shields. Perhaps something more like an iklwa?

On the other hand, throw out all the unnecessary time spent on evolution or science and you’ve got several hours freed up for drill.

/s - just in case…


I’m imagining something like a duck and cover drill where the teacher shouts β€œTurtle up!” and half the kids grab their backpacks, while the others go for the amaklwa (plural of iklwa, apparently) and they all form up in the middle of the classroom facing the door.

If we allow for attrition resulting from the inevitable stabbings in the early days, I think we’ll have to eliminate Math as well as Science. Maybe History too. But it’s not like anyone will need to be educated in any of those subjects what with all the good jobs in clean coal that Trump is bringing back.


One and the same.


Pretty obvious they asked (insisted) that staffers show up for that event.


Was that guy in the white shirt taking a knee? :sunglasses:


Yes he was. :slight_smile:


β€œStop hiding behind the armed services and the national anthem to attack your fellow citizens,” called out the man, who had taken a knee. At this point, several booed the heckler, but the confusion created the appearance that the president was being booed." -WashingtonPost


He was probably there to see the Eagles.


I don’t recall backpacks in any Norman Rockwell photographs.


They’re a newfangled innovation. In the 50’s you could use your rigid social conformity as a shield. In today’s more permissive culture we have to use backpacks.


True, but damnit!


This asshole:

Man, I hope her bad karma devours her whole when it finally comes.


I hate the way she phrases things. She always says intentionally vague things with extraneous words that I assume are an attempt to sound qualified for the job.


I didn’t read the article, but β€œThat is not part of the commission’s charge, per se” makes me seriously doubt she knows what β€œper se” means.


Everything I’ve ever seen of the woman leads me to believe she’s as dumb as a box of rocks.