A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Her rise to prominence really illustrates the power of money in our society to elide the reality of who and what people actually are.


Amen. “Meritocracy,” my ass.


You know, that reminds me… back during the election, I was working in the special collections for the labor archivist, and one of the guys who work there full time, who was a conservative, said he thought that Trump was the smartest person in the race… and I was like “what?” You can’t make this shit up.

Also, he didn’t like Star Trek, either.


I can’t even with that level of willful naivete.


Yeah, the guy was somewhat of an ass, to be honest (though not too bad, if you avoided politics). It’s weird he ended up working in an archive among some pretty progressive folks. I think the archivist I worked for had an often contentious working relationship with the guy.


Why does that not surprise me?


And possibly not coincidentally so.



Theater of the Absurd


Collected footage of the police brutality from last week:



Quislings gotta quisle.




Londo Molari on Trump’s trade war with all America’s allies.


The war of 1812, everybody.




He vaguely remembers a little history, but not enough.

“The acquisition of Canada this year, as far as the neighborhood of Quebec, will be a mere matter of marching; & will give us experience for the attack of Halifax the next, & the final expulsion of England from the American continent.”

Thomas Jefferson to William Duane, 4 August 1812


My bet is that he doesn’t even vaguely remember it, and that this was actually a talking point that came out of communications people. That this is the quality of staff he’s surrounding himself with. (It has a vague whiff of Stephen “that plaque was added later” Miller petulance to it)


There’s a focus group inside a coal mine somewhere.


Trial of the decade material


(video autoplay warning)


Surrounding himself with? Or who are merely willing to be in his company? It think it might also explain his legal representation.