A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


A little of column A, a little of column B…


I really wish Trudeau had said, “Yeah, we did. Don’t make me come down there and do it again.”


Afterwards, the British and the Americans hit the History Reset Button, so it doesn’t count, except for the part where Indigenous people were killed and pushed off their land.



Damn. in the summary of Trump’s comments the amount of times he’s said that Kaepernick should leave the country is fucking chilling. It gives such clear direction to the “then they came for me” vector that starts with “Illegals.” Is he really just going to start (continue/escalate) fucking exiling people? So fucking fascist, this clown.


When it’s the move that puts you in prison, and not a mimute before.


So James Comey was just fucking awful. I cannot believe he can walk around saying, “Yeah, I interfered with the election for political reasons and if I was in that situation again, I’d do the same thing,” like that’s some kind of noble stance. Does he realize that when he says that he did it because he thought Clinton would win and he didn’t want her win to be tainted, he is saying he did it to help the Democrats?

I can’t take people acting like he was some good public servant when he was actually the worst. I think Obama should have fired him on November 8 as soon as polls closed (with a letter that contained the line, “This is how you choose not to interfere with an election, it’s not hard, dumbass.”

So, thank you, Mr. President of the United States, for firing James Comey. Sometimes, if you run around the room flailing your arms you’ll break something that deserved to get broken.


I don’t do my job and ask that people thank me constantly. That was my point for posting.



From now on, whenever people deny it, I will sing the new Negro spiritual:

Go down, Kardashian
Way down in Wypipoland
Tell Orange Pharoah
To let Alice Johnson goooo …

Holy shit that’s amazing.


I mean, I’m glad for Alice Johnson, as there are far too many people incarcerated on non-violent drug charges in the US… especially people of color; but everything else about this is shady as fuck.


He did it because of his own starfucking celebrity worship, not because of any moral qualms. If anything just it shows that he cares more about the opinions of fellow celebrities versus real people. This is now the second pardon he’s done just because one of his famous friends asked him to.

Even worse, he’s shown his willingness to use pardons as a weapon now by pardoning people like Libby and D’Souza just because he knows it will trigger progressives, which is simply abhorrent.


Yeah, no shit.

Also rereading my previous comment, I realized that there’s a Kanye “Yo, I’m real happy for you, but…” joke in there somewhere.

I’m not sure that either Kardashian or Stallone would actually qualify as ‘friends’; I genuinely don’t think 45 has any.

There are simply people he uses, and people who use him.


Michael Harriot is so awesome. I love that man.


He’s good, so are a few other writers over at the Root.

Speaking of:

Fuck my his life.


Speaking of porn…

"Giuliani says people in the porn business are not credible. Trump has appeared in three softcore porn videos". -CNN


NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch: Some women “wouldn’t know what masculinity was if it hit them in the face."



Surely someone has put together a gif for that…


If something hits a woman in the face, it’s probably toxic masculinity.


I don’t even know what “not credible” even means. Sure may not be credible as, say, an economist or something but that’s not because she’s in the adult entertainment industry. I just don’t get the association here. Is he saying any sex worker is unqualified to be a witness in a criminal proceeding? If he is, that’s sure a creative interpretation of the law.

As far as I’m concerned, Giuliani isn’t credible to be a lawyer.