A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Because at this point, why the fuck not…




For what silly reason might he want to avoid total vulnerability? Obviously he was in no danger with all of those honourable policemen nearby…


All of this because insecure Jim Bob who likes to play soldier of fortune every other weekend in the woods in september feels like he needs his arsenal incase he feels oppressed.



First they came for…


My head has just exploded. Not only is this not how justice is supposed to work, it’s completely missing the point.


He’s like a kid with a new toy.

Hey, maybe I should pardon this person! And what about that person too! Weeeeee!!



No kidding.

Like, Ali was already vindicated before I was even born, you dumb orange fuck!


It’s funny (not ha ha funny) how he talks about “fairness” and how unfairly people like Libby and D’Souza were treated when they didn’t even ask for pardons and they even confessed to their crimes. Now he’s talking about pardoning Muammad Ali - who’s prior conviction was already overturned and who’s lawyers are even saying “don’t worry about it” only because he’s trying to look like he’s on the side of justice or something. It doesn’t seem to me as if any of his pardons have been in actual good faith.

All he’s really doing is weaponizing one of his few unchecked powers (and all but ensuring it gets weakened in the future). I can’t imagine the Framers ever envisioned pardon power to be used as a bargaining chip or quid pro quo but this is exactly how he’s using them now.


Trump is as Trump does.

Do not look for any qualities one usually finds in a fully rounded human being.




[citation needed]


Thread on Corey Long protests:

Or this one:


Corey’s trial:


look at this photo from the g7 conference–just look at it–

i love the expression on abe’s face, of all of them he seems to be the one who’s figured trump out.


Hard to read the body language in such a photo confidently, but Trump’s crossed arms could be a result of insecurity – some part of him may well know how out of his league he is among those people.


Norman Rockwell eat your heart out…



Pffft! You could say the same about anything that happened during Trumf’s life.

Civil rights, sexual equality, computers, space travel…

Effort expended: Big fat zero.