A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


…which is a term that was coined to describe the results of the USA behaving like arseholes in central America.

Trumpist America is louder and more reckless, but it isn’t fundamentally new. At least he hasn’t puked on anyone yet.


Trump unintentionally vomiting on another world leader’s lap would be one of the least objectionable things he’s done.

Probably ranks right up there for Bush I, as well.




Why yes, that’s the thing he’s most well known for. Admitting that he was wrong about something… wait a second. Did he just admit he’s a serial liar???


The filings show how the couple are collecting immense sums from other enterprises while serving in the White House, an extraordinary income flow that ethics experts have warned could create potential conflicts of interests.

Fortunately, the Trump family adheres to nothing but the highest of ethical standards.


And money laundering.


He wants another Trump tower.


My guess is that trump-un-Putin™ are designing the future NK to be the defacto money laundering capital of the world.


Dead on, well said.


But isn’t that also the context for positive revolution of people who actually are oppressed? I mean not that revolutionary leaders don’t also sometimes commit political crimes… I don’t think it’s a wrong statement per se but it feels like “one man’s revolutionary is another man’s terrorist” situation. With this, as with a lot of Twitter-sized speech bites lately, bold statements about political moves are being made that ignore how important the underlying morality of the ends are. see: fillibustering appointments, etc…


Those were the days…


Vis-a-vis, the Ohio decision, they said on the radio this morning that Kemp is doing cartwheels over this decision now.


I don’t think I’m going to want to see this, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to look away.



"Mueller’s team has until Friday to deliver the names to Manafort’s defense team. In earlier indictments, Mueller alleged that the Manafort-aided “foreign agents” included some “former senior politicians.”

I’m out of popcorn.


Sometimes I pinch myself to remind myself that i’m not in some weird dream world





you’re not wrong


Mins of Bliss

Carry on.