A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘




Does my ass look big in this helicopter?


Chart of Trumpian Investors/Investments: (who owns who in the administration)


How is this not conflict of interest?


I read shit like this and start wondering: is β€˜the Wall’ just phase one of ensuring the U.S. populace can’t cross national borders?

I wish I were joking but, as someone put it, with every day feeling like a week my mind is getting just a tad fucking rattled.


(i.e. Sessions)


I’m convinced the Republicans choreographed the whole thing so that Pence would be the β€œhistoric” tie breaker and also timing so Sessions could vote for her. We all called, tweeted, emailed our disgust but her big pocketbook was more important that our voices.



Seriously, fuck this.

This country really is fucked.


This is the letter she was reading that was voted to be inappropriate by every Republican senator, which got Warren censured. She can no longer speak against Sessions’ confirmation. If the Republicans want to create martyrs, they’re doing a fine job of it.


About the last thing you would expect USDA to quietly change during the transition would be the make-up of hamburgerβ€”but, you would be wrong. Food Safety News is reporting this week that while USDA long operated under β€œPolicy Memo 027” that said beef hearts and tongues should be kept out of ground beef β€œbecause consumers would not expect to find them included,” no longer applies.


Oh, and the US antiterrorism effort is now barred from Yemen. Whoops.


They’ve already suggested paying for the wall by seizing the money sent home by Mexicans in the USA. Next up: making it illegal for Latin Americans to carry money out of the country. Easy enough to stretch that to Muslims, too (β€œthey’re funding ISIS” etc).


I love a good game of calvinball.



Out? He wants to say who can and cannot leave the country?


Fucking Strom Thurmond. Another wonderful example of racial tolerance. Oh wait, I mean another bigoted asshole.



I’m beginning to understand the β€˜value’ of the civil forfeiture laws as something more than personal greed.


Is this Trump and Abbot’s game in TX with civil asset forfeiture? Do you have a link I can read on this?