A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


[Carter Eskew] Can any man, even one as obtuse and self-involved as Trump, fail to see the meaning of McCain’s death for his own life?



And the looting continues apace.


Somebody foretold this in a McCain thread:

“Trump’s aides reportedly knew he could be criticized for holding a campaign rally during John McCain’s memorial, but they decided to hold it anyway“ -BusinessInsider

Wow. That is cold and dark.



Worried that D. Pecker would take his dirt to Time magazine trump quipped:

“Maybe he gets hit by a truck,”


It’s pretty funny that in his final days he made an effort to give Trump a final middle finger salute at the funeral



Billions in tax cuts for big business and billions more to the military but hey let’s fuck over the federal workforce because we’re so cash poor.


That’s actually good news, in an ironic way; pissing off the very people you need to enact and enforce your shitty policies is never wise.


“The Trump administration has said it sees its proposed workforce fund as a way to alleviate the impacts of a pay freeze. But neither the House nor the Senate have indicated they plan to develop and set aside resources for this workforce fund, at least not during the appropriations process.” FedNewsRadio

Just like his BS tariffs he’ll create a shitstorm and then later bail them out. Or maybe not. But, farmers, well that’s different:

(BTW President Barack Obama implemented three consecutive years of pay freezes in 2011, 2012 and 2013.)


This is because welfare is only ok when it’s bailing out Trump supporters, I guess.

Yeah – Obama’s record on pay raises for federal employees isn’t stellar, but we were coming out of a huge recession. Trump keeps talking about how awesome the economy is – yet somehow there’s no money to provide pre-planned raises for federal employees? That’s some sketchy shit there.


They’re organising for the confiscation phase. This is not about taxes – this is new and it’s too close in timing to other disenfranchisement events to be coincidental.


MrsTobinL got asked that by BoA when she called them about something. I said just cancel the card. We don’t really use it except for travel things.


They locked up the guy threatening the Boston Globe. When are they going to lock up the guy inciting violence?

Trump was stressing the stakes in November when he warned that, if Democrats win, they would “overturn everything that we’ve done and they’ll do it quickly and violently,”

That’s dangerous and deranged thinking. If the Democratic Party wins well enough, they’ll do it legally. That’s how the American government works, you blockhead!


It wouldn’t be the first time a Pecker cost him a lot of money.


Because it’s never too early in the day for him to throw a hissy fit about the media…



“Firehosing” really should be a regular term used by Trump’s opposition. It’s important to clearly identify what he’s been trying to pull


Was its kneecapping of Sanders legal?

(Maybe it was, which would also suck.)


What a stunning turn of events. /s

Hey Donnie, good luck trying to get that bilateral deal through Congress.