A round up of Trumpian events 🍊🍊🍊


'Replacement' for ACA?


Can arrest a productive "citizen" but can't get distracted from repealing Obamacare to investigate Russian influence (something Rand Paul said during a radio interview):



Someone out of ID talking sense? whoa.

sorry, i have kin in the panhandle I'd rather not acknowledge most days.


A timeline of Trumpian Events:
Day 26 - What The Fuck Just Happened Today?


No Shit sherlock



Didn't Idaho try and replace Obamacare and completely failed at trying to actually improve any aspect (from a Republican perspective) and give up?

Found what I saw:


This might actually end up being the ultimate political trolling by Obama since he got the GOP plan passed under the DNC name, and there is only two choices A) scrap a very popular program (especially in swing states) or B) make progressive legislation.



Good lord. Here's a transcript of Trump's answer to a reporter's question about anti-Semitism, from today's news conference with Netanyahu.


It's going to be amazingly ironic if the outcome of the GOP trying to get rid of the ACA is to give everyone Medicare or go to a single-payer system to cover everyone (as Trump actually claimed he would do!).




The rest of NATO is currently quite interested in increasing military spending.

They know that they'll need the extra firepower to deal with the coming war against the US/Russian alliance.


Uuuuggghhhh, that press conference had me practically foaming at the mouth (I was at work and was listening to the radio--probably should have put some music on instead). He is never, ever, ever going to stop yapping about the election, especially not when somebody asks him a question he doesn't want to answer.

What do we think: does he even know what the two-state solution is?


Not that Trump knows or cares, anyway.


That has always been one of my favorite put-downs!


So, this is happening:


So he's still bashing on Hillary (you won, get over it for fuck sake), and now he's talking about leaks -- the guy who started a Situation Room in the middle of a restaurant at his resort?


Once again showing that Congress can't be fucked to care about Trump's corruption: