A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡



Well because of the political & cultural environment Trump cultivated, we are going to get a new Law & Order spinoff series

“As Law & Order: SVU enters its remarkable 20th season, it is exciting to get back into business with Dick Wolf on a new Law & Order incarnation that feels extremely timely,” co-president of scripted programming for NBC told Deadline. “Considering that last year there was a double-digit rise in hate crimes in our 10 largest cities — the highest total in over a decade — it seemed like this topic is begging to be explored.”




If these idiots insist on eating each other, I really wish we could skip straight to the main course…

Also, more Woodward book fun:


The Times today is taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous Op-Ed essay. We have done so at the request of the author, a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure. We believe publishing this essay anonymously is the only way to deliver an important perspective to our readers. We invite you to submit a question about the essay or our vetting process here .

“The dilemma — which he does not fully grasp — is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations." -Anon

The country is being run by babysitters.


According to an interesting opinion I heard this week, it might actually work out for him. The inherited refugee status of Palestinians is a major bugbear in the peace process, and according to the analyst neighbouring countries who harbour quite some Palestinians are not so keen on this issue as well.

All those apparently dumb and thick-fingered moves might make sense in some strange minds. :confused:


Jones was always unhinged but now he looks like a man who is desperate and with nothing left to lose and i’m genuinely concerned this is going to end in some violent act from him. He’s a gun fanatic, right?


They could make another Law & Order spinoff, a series that deals entirely with crimes committed by present and former members of the current administration a totally fictitious fascist US administration.
Why, the scripts would practically write themselves.


Could some staffer hork the memo from Trump’s desk calling for a military strike on Canada? Thanks, that’d be great.

According to a media pool report, Trump also told reporters Thursday in the Roosevelt Room that if Canada joins the deal his administration negotiated with Mexico, Trump would “give you a little surprise” regarding the name of the final deal. He did not elaborate.

Will we be paid hush money after the “little surprise”?


The writer is a senior official in the Trump administration.


To be clear, ours is not the popular “resistance” of the left. We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous.

Yeah? Well fuck you and the dummy you rode in on too.



Because the absolute best way to convince everyone you’re not a pedophile is with a big, publicity generating lawsuit that will inevitably dredge up bits of your past you’d rather have people forget.

Then again, he’ll have to do something to fund his 2020 campaign, this is as good a gamble as anything else.


A double-ex judge should know about the discovery process, which is going to pin a big “Kick Me!” on his backside.


Someone had the guts to do what needed to be done.


And more…


My mood just got a lot better!


What trump’s hand written responses to Mueller might look like:


Because hand bags with birds on them?


While i’m on the topic of him. Do you know who he kinda looks like?

Haley Joel Osment