A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡




Asymmetrical warfare doesn’t always mean the little end winds.


Check to see if they copied blocks of people like Scientology.

eta: more reality bending:


Not sure if this should go in RESIST or not;


Even “no drama obama” is getting riled up? That is worrying.



Here’s Tucker Carlson minutes away from burning a cross on his desk


Fox News does put some restrictions on him, after all. He keeps them burning at his Daily Caller site instead.


I’m sure that Trump does cause a lot of people to break down crying, but not as he tells it.


I think I’d vomit.
Preferably on him.






I know it’s dangerous to conflate actors with their roles, but for the record, I will be emotionally devastated if Chris Evans ever turns out to actually be an asshole.


Just when you thought Trump admin policy couldn’t get crueler


They’ve been patching adoption problems (although I expect the Trump administration will find a way to rip the bandages off).

Too much to hope that some adult would say “Okay, the people who were supposed to file paperwork on his behalf messed up. Let’s straighten that out. Done. Next!”


In a court filing late Friday, prosecutors in the United States attorney’s office in Washington acknowledged that they had been “mistaken” in interpreting what were apparently joking text messages between Ms. Butina and a friend who had helped her renew her car insurance.


I’m not rooting for Nike, just laughing at the shoe burners.


Faux outrage

I mean since when did Trump ever give a shit about “presidential traditions”. He can’t seem to be bothered with pretty much any of the ceremonial trappings of the job other than signing executive orders.


It’s not okay if you’re not a republican.

(Pretty much no matter what it is.)