A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Suck on it Pence. It’s a not a “tradition”, it’s just how things work out with ex-Presidents usually too old to campaign or can’t stand the new guy, like the Bushes.


It doesn’t happen often, but that’s just because it requires all these conditions:

  1. It must be a second-term president - if it’s a first-term president, he’s either running for re-election, or is not popular enough to be helpful.
  2. The second-term president must be popular enough to be helpful (that mostly ruled out G.W.Bush, who ended his second term at about 25% approval)
  3. The president must be healthy and capable enough to campaign (that ruled out Reagan, whose cognitive abilities were well on the downslide).
  4. The president must want to do it - and prior to 1990, the ideological and policy divide between the two parties was not remotely like it is today, and an outgoing president wouldn’t feel - as Obama surely, and correctly, does - that all his accomplishments would be reversed if his party lost the next election.


Yeah, U.S. production not gonna happen.

I mean can you imagine US tech workers living onsite in cinder block housing units?


Sounds better than living in their vans in WalMart parking.



But wait, there’s more!


Just reading the transcript… Stable genius indeed.


Aka “how dare this uppity black guy exercise his first amendment rights!”

Also ironic that this is coming from a former governor.


Sheesh, the idiotic hypocrisy.

Once again, It’s Not Okay If You’re Not A Republican.

(Nice to gather, though, that they do seem worried about Obama’s efforts!)


Here, then, is a condensed list of what Kavanaugh considers to be political questions: whether it is possible to disagree with President Trump; whether Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an “incompetent judge” who has “embarrassed us all”; whether attacking a judge for his Mexican heritage is acceptable; whether the president’s character matters; whether anti-Nazi protesters share moral culpability with Nazis themselves; whether daily presidential attacks on a special counsel are acceptable; whether the president can order torture worse than waterboarding; and whether he can order the prosecution of his political enemies and command that prosecutions of his political allies be dropped.


Think he has secret service protection yet?


Cows / barn doors



I guess we shouldn’t make fun of the tone-deaf.

Is saying “Welcome people” really so hard?


I don’t understand why they are thinking of punishing China, the trump administration is just jealous they haven’t done it first.



Is he cheering for the terrorists? I can’t tell.


I guess he’s trying to do a “go America” thing, but it’s a memorial service!


People should do prison time over this kind of criminal nonsense.

He’s just happy that he couldn’t be uninvited from this one.


The man is incapable of comprehending human emotions.


Those hands are just begging to be photo shopped with two dicks.