A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


OMG, they really are


The secret service agent behind him is thinking “Oh dear Lord, please, please, please don’t let anything happen on my watch, I so don’t want to catch a bullet for this asshole!”


“Oh how time flies! Seems like it was just yesterday, ya know?”

Um, ok…

What the hell was he thinking and feeling when he wrote that?


On the Root there’s an article speculating that the Contemptible Kumquat doesn’t realize that 9/11 was a huge tragedy; he’s just that incapable of thinking about anyone but himself.


President Trump on Tuesday issued a warning about the potentially catastrophic storm that at times felt strangely exuberant.

“Tremendously big and tremendously wet — tremendous amounts of water,” Trump said, expressing something close to admiration at the expected precipitation.

Being the blowhard douchebag that he is I guess he’s know something about “tremendous amounts of water.”


How did he even breed? Idiot.


It doesn’t take much more than a functioning brain stem and enough blood pressure to breed; cockroaches can lose their heads and still reproduce eggs for up to a few days afterward…

And yes… I totally just compared 45 to a headless cockroach.


Harsh but entirely fair.


Disagree. Entirely unfair to cockroaches.




Last month, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced the administration’s radical, anti-democratic rewriting of regulations governing free speech and demonstrations on public lands under federal jurisdiction in Washington. Under the proposal, which is open to public comment, the National Park Service (NPS) will charge protesters “event management” costs. This would include the cost of barricades and fencing erected at the discretion of police, the salaries of personnel deployed to monitor the protest, trash removal and sanitation charges, permit application charges and costs assessed on “harm to turf” — the effects of engaging in free speech on grass, as if our public green spaces are for ornamental viewing.

And it goes beyond just the Mall. Want to protest in front of the Trump hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue? Under this proposal, you’ll have to take out your checkbook, because the NPS maintains control over the broad sidewalks of Pennsylvania Avenue. In addition to the upfront costs to even request a permit, you may be billed for the cost of barricades erected around the hotel — fencing you didn’t ask for but that the hotel wants.




Let me guess… a buck 'o five.

Freedom ain’t free.


The stupid… it burns.


But he “encourages” people!


Mmmmmmmm K


He’s going to go down in history, medical history. Eventually they’ll name some syndrome or brain disease after him. (Or something occult like demonic self-possession.)


The best one of the bunch?


Link to the.png with transparent background. Have at it!



The look on that secret service guy’s face gets me every time.


“I can’t believe this is my life right now; they actually expect me to take a fucking bullet for this guy…”