A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


I swear that if it comes to taking a bullet or deciding to go oh my shoe is untied they are going to retie their shoe.


Any agents whose resolve may be wavering are rotated to Pence’s detail for a couple weeks.




Was switching between news channels at the 8 o clock hour last night looking for important hurricane news.

Turned on CNN, saw in depth hurricane coverage.

Turned on MSNBC, saw informative weather coverage.

Turned on Fox News and saw this


β€œFormer Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort struck a deal with special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office Friday, in which he has agreed to plead guilty to avoid a second trial in Washington, D.C. related to foreign-lobbying efforts in Ukraine.”

Clearly to avoid negative press before the mid-terms. By all previous accounts Manafort wanted to fight the charges.

β€œManafort will plead guilty to one count of conspiracy (against the United States), a count of conspiracy witness-tampering, and will forfeit assets.”




Money makes the world go round…




It’s Mueller Time! Thanks Robert for making Fridays Fridays again!


Bookmark that tweet for later for he eventually does testify against him


ICE DANCING COMMENTATOR: oh, it looks like he’s going for the rarely-attempted triple-down, let’s see if he sticks the landing…




β€œBurning down congress. The best fire.” # Reichstag

β€œThere will be an initial test of the presidential alert system on Sept. 20 at 2:18 p.m. Eastern.”


What could possibly go wrong?


From the fuckups earlier this year in Canada, I have no doubt that it’ll bleed over to here too.


I’m looking, but I can’t find anything that identifies the site as satire.




More of a reaction to a Trumpian event really, but it didn’t feel right to file something Jeff Bezos said under β€œresistance to Trump”.